Floor marking equipment makes the tape application process quick and easy—especially when compared to applying floor markings manually—but not all carts are up for the job. From tape application carts for laying those first lines to organizational carts designed to make maintenance easier, there are plenty of equipment options. If you’re applying straight, dashed, or curved lines and want to spend fewer hours on the process, the Superior Marker® Tape Applicator Cart is the floor marking equipment you need. Here are the top reasons to choose this cart for your next project.

Benefits of the Superior Marker® Tape Applicator Cart

In general, floor tape equipment simplifies the application process. The Superior Marker® offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Starts the tape application with a hand-operated lever
  • Cuts the tape using the easy-to-operate foot pedal
  • Acts as a built-in tamper to activate the adhesive
  • Keeps your lines straight with a fold-out guide rod
  • Allows for a range of application styles beyond straight lines
  • The sturdy frame is built to last

These features make the Superior Marker® a time-saving option for facilities that rely on floor tape for visual communication or as part of 5S and Lean initiatives. 

How is the Superior Marker® Cart Better?

With so many options for floor marking equipment, how do you find the right applicator cart for the job? The wrong tools can slow your progress, but our Superior Marker® applicator offers features designed to make tape application faster and easier.

An Intuitive Loading Process

Loading and applying floor marking tape is easy with our Superior Marker® cart. Loading and installing tape takes a few simple steps, so even new employees can lend a hand when it comes to tape application and repair.

To install a roll of tape on the Superior Marker®, follow these easy steps:

  1. Unfold the guiding rod system and lay the rod on the floor. Lift the tape dispenser and remove the tape dispenser ring.
  2. Load the tape onto the tape dispenser—the loose end of the tape should face front—then secure the roll of tape by tightening the retaining ring
  3. Lock the rod in place
  4. Pull the tape upward to release a length of tape, then feed through the rollers on the front of the cart—insert your tape .25” past the cutting blade.
  5. Align the cart at your starting point, squeeze the hand-operated lever to begin tape application, and walk slowly to apply tape along your intended path.

Lay Curved Lines Easily

Curved lines may be necessary throughout the facility or warehouse, such as when marking pedestrian lanes or designating forklift traffic. Laying tape by hand or with other floor marking equipment often only allows for straight lines—curved applications may not adhere fully due to puckers or wrinkles in the tape application which reduce the overall lifespan of the floor markings. The Superior Marker® can make applying curved lines quick and easy. Mark your intended path, then use the guide rod to keep your application on track.

Applicator Cart Hand and Foot Levers Reduce Strain

Bending and cutting floor tape is not only time-consuming, but the repetitive motion can lead to soreness or even injury—which can contribute to lost employee time. The Superior Marker® cart’s hand-operated levers reduce bending and stooping while applying and cutting tape for a more effecient, less labor-intensive install.

This cart is also useful when applying smaller sections of tape. The hand- and foot-operated levers start and stop the application, so you can wheel the equipment to your first location, apply the tape as needed, then roll to the next space. Mark lines to designate multiple work areas, edge walkways, create pedestrian crossing zones, and other warehouse and industrial visual cues.

Floor Tape Application Tip: For longevity, ensure proper tape application with butt splices where ends of tape meet or at corners, leave a one-inch gap on either side of floor seams or cracks, and always properly tamp the tape after installation to activate the adhesive.

What Are the Differences Between Superior Marker® and Kaizen Carts?

The Kaizen Cart is an organizational tool that improves floor tape maintenance by keeping cleaning supplies, tape removal and application tools, and extra rolls of tape within easy reach. While a Kaizen Cart is beneficial for keeping floor markings in good repair, it is not an application cart.

The Superior Marker® Floor Tape Applicator Cart is used to lay straight lines, dashes, curved lines, and diagonal lines. It’s ideal for applying tape quickly, without bending to stick or cut the tape. While each has its own specific purpose, the Superior Marker® and Kaizen Cart work together to ensure your facility’s visual cues are clear.

Floor marking equipment can speed up the tape application process and reduce the bending necessary throughout. Our Superior Marker® applicator cart is designed for easy use and to create long-lasting adhesion. For more information on applying and maintaining floor marking tape, explore our Resource Center.