Marking a warehouse floor with floor marking tape is easier than painting lines: After you’ve made a plan and prepared the floor, you can apply tape in a short amount of time. Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape provides the most durable, longest-lasting stick—and removes easily when it’s time to update workflows or adjust visual cues. Follow these directions and tips to properly lay some of the most common floor tape applications for warehouses and industrial facilities: straight lines, pallet corners, borders and barriers, floor signs, and custom graphics.

How Do You Lay Straight Floor Tape?

The most straightforward application is to lay floor tape lines, which is made easier with an applicator cart. Measure and mark your intended lines, then prep the cart for quick tape application. The steps are simple:

  1. Mount the tape on the applicator cart and peel away the backing
  2. Tack the starting edge of the tape to the floor
  3. Push the cart along your marked line, the tape applies as you push
  4. Cut the tape when you reach the end of your marked area, then tamp tape

A Tamper Cart ensures the adhesive is fully activated for a durable, long-lasting application while a Kaizen Cart aids in quick installation and easy repair by keeping all of your tape-laying supplies in one, easy-to-reach place.

Applying Dashed Lines in Minutes

Dashed or dotted floor markings can be time-consuming (and back-breaking) to apply by hand, but floor tape carts make the job easier and speed up the process. In warehouse application tests, a single person laid a hundred feet of tape in less than five minutes—a job that takes significantly more time and two to three people to complete without an applicator cart.

After measuring and marking, position the tape using the applicator cart’s alignment guide. Squeeze the handle to activate tape application, push the cart forward to lay the tape, then use the foot pedal to cut the tape as necessary for quick and easy dashed-line application, no bending or kneeling required.

How Do You Create Corners with Floor Marking Tape?

When designating specific work areas or to marking spaces for pallets or equipment storage, corners are a useful marking option. You save materials since the markings designate a space without the need for full lines. For proper application when creating corners with floor tape, your pieces of tape should not cross or overlap. Instead, splice tape edges together for perfect corners that last.

For a quick, easy method to butt-splice tape ends for pallet corners, edges, or crisp, durable angles along walking paths or forklift lanes, follow this technique:

  1. Lay your first strip of tape in its intended space, then cross your second strip of tape perpendicular to the first, creating a right angle
  2. Line a straight edge from the outside corner to the inside corner. Using a blade, cut through both layers diagonally following the straight edge
  3. Remove the cut-away piece from the top layer of tape, pull up slightly and remove the cut-away piece from the floor
  4. Press the remaining top and bottom tape strips to the floor and tamp down to create a perfect corner

How to Create Corners Without Splicing Edges

We also offer pre-cut pallet corner markers and L- and T-shaped markers in one- and two-piece designs. These markers save application time and reduce wasted floor tape scrap. They’re uniform in shape and size for simple peel-and-stick ease—and the two-piece designs feature puzzle-cut edges so they fit together easily, no splicing required. Measure and mark tape locations according to your layout plan, then apply these ready-to-use floor markers without wasting valuable time cutting or trimming.

How Do You Apply Floor Signs, Graphics, or Shapes?

Applying floor signs and shapes is simple with pre-cut, ready-to-apply graphics. Our pre-cut floor marking kits feature puzzle-fit corners for easy application so you can designate exits, keep electrical panels clear, mark borderlines, and make safety stations easy to spot—all without measuring and cutting tape or waiting for paint to dry.

While our floor marking signs come in rubber or inlaid mesh, our removable vinyl options are highly durable and easy to apply. Simply peel away the backing, tack the edge of the graphic or sign to the floor, and peel the remaining backing away as you press the adhesive to the floor. Tamp the pressure-sensitive recessed adhesive for a durable, long-lasting stick, and re-open the area with no dry time required.

Be aware of where you apply graphics, signs, and shapes: Avoid areas with more traffic than the material can withstand. While our floor tape is durable and long-lasting, some types of traffic or conditions are too much for any floor sign material, no matter how durable. Twisting and turning motions can stretch or damage tape applications. While our vinyl adhesive-backed signage is durable enough to withstand forklift traffic and dragging pallets, graphics and signs will last longer when applied where they won’t be subjected to spinning or twisting wheels or excessive dragging.

Reduce warehouse floor downtime with adhesive-backed floor signs and marking tapes designed for easy application, a durable stick, and simple removal. Follow our tips for proper installation to ensure a long-lasting application for a productive workspace that’s made safer with clear visual communication. Contact a floor marking specialist at 1-866-284-1541 with any questions about how to apply Superior Mark® Floor Tape in your facility.