Floor marking tape is a durable, cost-effective solution for creating visual cues in industrial facilities, and tape application takes far less time than painting, especially if you use an applicator cart to complete the job. Look at our top three reasons for using floor marking equipment, and explore the different types of tape application carts we carry to determine the best option for your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

1) Tape Applicator Carts Cut Application and Repair Time

Our easy-to-use tape applicator carts are equipped with hand levers to activate the application process, and foot levers to cut tape without bending. Simply squeeze to trigger the tape-laying process, push the cart along the path you wish to apply the tape, then press the foot pedal to cut. The tape remains ready so you can continue your application as necessary. This makes both straight and dashed lines easy to apply. A guiding rod keeps your lines straight, and a built-in tamper ensures the adhesive is fully activated for a long-lasting application. No matter the type of floor markings you use in your facility, an applicator cart can improve the application process.

2) Applicator Carts Keep Supplies Together

When it’s time for a repair or to update floor markings, grab an applicator cart and go: A Kaizen Cart or our Superior Marker® Cart are designed to hold the extra tape and supplies you need to remove old tape, clean the floor, and apply new lines as necessary. To ensure safety on the work floor or warehouse, your visual cues must be easy to spot, in good condition, and accurate. If workflows change or tape is damaged, well-stocked floor marking equipment aids in tape replacement or update for accurate, useful visual communication.

3) Floor Marking Equipment Supports Lean and 5S Processes

A floor tape applicator cart is ideal for quickly creating visual cues to comply with 5S and Lean methodologies—and keeping your floor marking supplies in one place can help your facility reach goals for continuous improvement. Applicator carts that corral extra tape, cleaning supplies, and application tools speed up the repair process and small tape adjustments. Keep a stocked Kaizen Cart or Superior Marker® applicator ready to go for straight or dashed lines, and event more complex 5S layouts. With your tape and supplies already prepped, you can mark traveled lanes, highlight hazardous areas, and create directional cues for improved efficiency —with little downtime.

Floor Tape Applicator Cart for Every Need

Our floor tape applicator carts come in a variety of styles to meet many tape application needs. To choose the floor marking equipment best suited to your facility’s floor tape needs, consider these options.

Our Superior Marker® Floor Tape Applicator Cart allows you to install new lines quickly and easily, and includes hand- and foot-operated levers for applying and cutting tape. The Superior Marker® is a perfect solution for applying straight lines and dashed floor markings, and even lay curved lines quickly and easily.

Creating curved tape lines is easy with the Superior Marker floor tape applicator cart

The Kaizen Cart is helpful for tape application—and also features a built-in tamper to ensure proper activation of the floor tape adhesive. This cart can hold up to 14 rolls of floor tape, as well as the tools necessary for tape repair and daily maintenance.

A tamper cart is a useful tape application tool that includes a built-in tamping roller to ensure secure tape adhesion. This equipment is compact enough for easy storage when not in use. Tamping improves tape adhesion for a more durable, long-lasting application, so this step should not be skipped. A tamper cart features a platform for extra tape storage and provides an easy solution for activating floor tape’s pressure-sensitive adhesive, but it does not work as an applicator, nor does it include cutting blades.

A floor marking tape tamping cart applying a straight yellow line

Whether you need a tamper or an all-in-one cart for application and repair, our applicator carts slash tape labor time and improve the quality of your floor markings. Contact a Floor Marking Specialist today to see which is right for you—and to see how to get your applicator cart free. Explore more industrial floor marking how-tos in our Resource Center.