Floor markings improve safety and communication in industrial facilities and warehouses, but tape application can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. When it comes to floor markings, an applicator cart is often a better option than getting down on your hands and knees to apply visual cues. Consider these benefits of using floor marking equipment versus applying visual cues manually.

Tape Application Equipment Creates Accurate Markings

A floor marking cart helps improve accuracy when applying or repairing taped lines. Our Superior Marker® Floor Tape Applicator Cart includes a guide rod that helps keep the lines straight, so your lanes, warning and edge markings, and directional cues are even. Straight lines mean fewer instances of crimped or misshapen tape application, so the markings last longer between re-application, as well.

Hand levers activate the tape application, while foot-powered levers cut the tape for consistent dashed lines with serious staying power. Curved lines are a snap with our Superior Marker®, which helps create durable rounded or arched floor markings that won’t pucker or wrinkle. For consistent floor markings, an applicator cart provides the best results.

Save Employee Time with an Applicator Cart

Floor marking equipment saves employee time. Built-in cutting and tamping tools cut application time so you can lay tape faster and open the work floor sooner than with manual tape application. An applicator cart reduces materials waste because tape application is well-tamped for durability, so there’s less damage and the application lasts longer overall.

Keeping floor marking supplies, maintenance tools, and replacement tape in a central location makes it easier to roll out the cart and adjust or repair tape as needed, rather than scheduling a zone shut-down to remove and re-apply full markings. All-in-one carts facilitate daily maintenance, so you can meet—and exceed—safety goals.

Additionally, floor marking can be done by one employee if they have an application cart to streamline the process. Manual tape application may require a team of three employees and upwards of half an hour to put down 100 feet of tape—but an applicator cart slashes that time significantly. Floor tape equipment allows one employee to apply 100 feet of floor tape at about 10 feet per minute. This speed is especially helpful in areas that rely on flexible floor plans and regular workflow updates.

Improved Ergonomics Means No Bending

Floor marking equipment improves ergonomics: With an applicator cart, you can significantly reduce the amount of bending and stooping required, so there are fewer application-related injuries or stresses. Load the cart, tack the tape at the starting point, squeeze the hand levers to start the application, and you’re well on your way to completing the job. Additionally, built-in cutting tools mean you can cut without bending or fumbling for cutting blades—missing tools won’t slow down the application process, and fingertips are kept safe from handheld cutting tools.

When is Manual Tape Application Better?

Manually applying floor marking tape may be the better option in tight areas where floor marking equipment won’t fit easily—such as in corners or small work areas—or when applying floor signs, symbols, or smaller markings. But these applications also require proper tamping for a secure stick. Even if floor marking tape is applied by hand, a tamper cart provides the weight necessary to activate the adhesive. A Kaizen Cart is a useful tool to keep tape, tools, and cleaning supplies close at hand, so you can scrape, clean, and apply new tape quickly and easily—then tamp with the built-in tamping roller for a secure stick.

A floor marking tape applicator encourages communication and continuous improvement. With everything in one place, it’s easier for employees to repair floor markings right away, rather than needing to collect supplies ahead of time. This means floor markings can be updated far more quickly than without a cart, simply because preparation is taken care of ahead of time.

From full-floor marking application to tape touch-up and repair, floor marking equipment is a perfect all-in-one solution. Improve adhesion, reduce application time, and promote employee health and wellbeing with floor tape application equipment. For more health and safety tips, explore the content in our Resource Center.