Lean and 5S experts recommend that when employees enter a work area, it should be visually instructive to employees which way they go to start work within 10 seconds.

Visual workplace guru Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth offers these points about why visuality is especially important in a workplace:

  • A visual workplace is in order, order you can see, and is able to harness that order for a business advantage.
  • A visual workplaces explains itself to anyone and everyone in it—sharing vital information about what to do and what not to do, how and when to do it, and how to respond if something (including yourself) goes wrong.
  • A visual workplace is transparent because it explains itself—a visual work environment can regulate itself through high-impact, low-cost visual devices.

While Galsworth is quick to point out a visual workplace is much more than visual devices – it’s a continuous improvement culture of providing information to keep production high – she is a proponent of visual devices and cues as tools to use in a visual workplace.

Depending on how busy and what kind of work area you are entering, a variety of visual cues could point the way. Floor tape is the most used method to single out preferred paths for people – and machinery. These markers on a plant floor serve as a visual map for employees to follow for the most efficient and productive route to end goals and production (See our articles here about visual organization).

Providing pathways or visual instructions for how an employee or customer should travel through your workplace or plant floor is important for efficiency and safety. Our footstep markers are a great way to provide this visual cue on your floors.

Superior Mark™ Floor Markers

Not all floor marking tapes are created equal. Stop-Painting.com manufactures Superior Mark™ Floor Tape, which has a patented design that sets the standard in industrial strength marking tape. Nothing beats Superior Mark™ for fast installation, easy maintenance and maximum strength for a tape that holds up under the heaviest industrial traffic. Superior Mark™ Floor Tape is designed with beveled edges and a recessed, highway grade adhesive for durability and top performance. This heavy duty floor tape is far superior to every other brand of tape for floors.

Why Use Footprints?

Our Superior Mark™ Footprints are pre-cut from Superior Mark™ Floor Tape for the highest quality and convenience. They come in two sizes, in a variety of colors, install quickly and are easy to maintain.

Queue Paths

Does your business need assistance in keeping customers or clients in a line while waiting for services? Our Superior Mark™ Footsteps are the perfect cue to keep people where you want them. Our floor tape is available for concrete floors or for carpet. Our Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape comes with a heavy-duty Velcro backing, making the footsteps easy to put down and take up if you need to change your layout design.

Pedestrian Pathways

Use the footsteps in any color to designate a pathway for employees to take through a workspace, warehouse or plant floor. With many AGVs and other mobile equipment on plant floors, keeping employees safe and out of the way is important. Even though most AGVs and forklifts are equipped with safety equipment meant to protect against collisions, accidents still happen. The footsteps offer a visual cue of where it’s safe to walk.

Paths for Emergency Evacuation

When the lights or power goes out during an emergency situation, it’s imperative there’s a safe path to safety that employees can easily follow. We offer footsteps with a glow-in-the-dark coating that make sure employees can see a pathway to safety in the dark.

Our Superior Mark™ Footprints are pre-cut from Superior Mark™ Floor Tape for the highest quality and convenience. They install quickly and are easy to maintain. Our floor tape is engineered to hold up to heavy industrial traffic. We guarantee that it will outperform other brands. The difference is in the beveled edges and recessed, highway grade adhesive. This attention to design makes Superior Mark™ Floor Markers the most heavy duty floor tape available. Use it to mark aisles, pallets, work cells and more. They can be removed in one piece, making it ideal for Lean and 5S initiatives that require layout flexibility.

We can send a free sample so you can see for yourself how Superior Mark™ Floor Tape outperforms every other brand of vinyl floor tape.