Footprint floor decals are one of the simplest and most fool-proof methods to outline safe pedestrian pathways, direct the flow of foot traffic, and provide clear visual cues for even the youngest visitors. The intuitive design is universally appealing, attracting children and adults to follow the footprint outlines to reach their destination.

These vibrant vinyl footprints are available in a variety of eye-catching colors to meet your color standards and help you reach your safety goals. And, because we use only the highest-quality materials for maximum durability, you can be sure that our stick-on footprints can withstand heavy pedestrian and automobile traffic.

Footprint Floor Marking Applications

Whether you’ve struggled with directing patients to the checkout desk in a doctor’s office, experienced the congestion of a middle school hallway between classes, barely avoided a collision with a forklift on a warehouse floor, or attempted to teach high school drama students their stage placements, footprint floor markings are an ideal option for providing instructions. Whatever the surface, we have footprint marking options available. Choose our vinyl floor markers, made from our patented Superior Mark® material, for high-traffic applications on indoor floors, hook-and-loop-backed vinyl footprint decals for use on carpeted surfaces, rubber or vinyl outdoor footprint decals on concrete or asphalt, or our footprint stencils for painted floor markings.

While these versatile floor decals have countless applications, some of the most common uses for floor footprint markings include:

  • School Hallways and Staircases – Alleviate the traffic jam and help students navigate to their classrooms more quickly by using floor markings to divide hallways and staircases and set the flow of traffic.
  • Classrooms – Use footprint markers in schools and daycare centers to show children where to line up for gym, recess, and other activities. 
  • Businesses – Retail stores, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other businesses use footprint floor decals to help direct visitors to specific areas, like the checkout counter or waiting room.
  • Special Events – Footprint floor markings are ideal for directing crowds to their appropriate places, like event seating, restrooms, concession stands, or entries and exits. 
  • Theatrical Performances – Take the stress out of rehearsals by marking actors’ positions on the stage with footprint decals. Choose a color that blends well with the stage so you can leave the decals in place through opening night and beyond without the audience seeing the decals. 
  • Dance Studios – Footprint floor markings are ideal for teaching complicated dance moves, allowing students to simply follow the steps to learn a new dance in no time. 
  • Photo Booths – Place a set or two of floor footprint inside an event photo booth to ensure each person is perfectly aligned within the frame or backdrop. 
  • Mechanics, Warehouses, and Industrial Facilities – Help keep employees and facility visitors in designated areas and away from heavy machinery traffic by highlighting pedestrian-safe walkways with footprint floor decals.

The photos below were provided by one of our customers who used them to mark the flow of traffic from a pediatric doctor’s office to their onsite pharmacy. Their purpose in utilizing these footprints was to direct traffic exiting the doctor’s office through the adjoining pharmacy.

Why Use Footprint Markings on the Floor?

When it comes to directing foot traffic or designating placement, you have a variety of directional cue options, including lines, arrows, and footprints. While each of these options can be an easy and effective way to communicate with the masses, floor footprints are among the most popular options. That’s because footprints are intuitive and easy to understand, regardless of age or language. As soon as children are old enough to walk, they are naturally attracted to following footprints on the floor. And because the footprint floor markings do not rely on words or symbols that may vary by location, they avoid language barriers and clearly communicate the intended message to all.

Footprint Floor Decal Specifications

With so many different footprint options available, from floor stickers to vinyl decals, carpet adhesive decals, pavement markings, and more, understanding the ins and outs of each can help you choose the best floor markings for your needs. 

How Do You Apply Floor Decals?

Floor decal application is quick and simple. If you’re applying adhesive-backed floor markers to a hard surface, like tile, concrete, or linoleum, clean the surface with an alcohol-based cleaner and ensure it is dry and clear of debris before installation. Use a measuring tape to measure and mark the desired pathway, then carefully peel and place each footprint along the path at regular intervals. Smooth each floor marker down, then press or tamp your application to fully activate the adhesive.

If you’re applying to carpet, choose Superior Mark® Carpet Footprints, which use a hook and loop backing that adheres to most low-pile carpet surfaces. These are easy to remove when no longer needed, and can be stored and re-applied as necessary. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before beginning the application process, and measure and mark your application area to ensure you have properly spaced, easy to follow footprints.

How Long Do Floor Decals Last?

Many floor decal manufacturers offer a variety of materials, including vinyl and PVC—each with varying degrees of durability. At, we only manufacture floor decals using our patented Superior Mark® material for enhanced durability. Our floor tape is engineered to hold up to heavy industrial traffic, and we confidently guarantee that it will outperform other brands. The difference is in the beveled edges and recessed, highway grade adhesive. This attention to design makes Superior Mark® Floor Markers the most heavy-duty floor tape available, so you can be sure it will last. 

Are Floor Decals Easy to Remove?

Whether it’s time to modify your facility flow or you only need your footprint floor decals for a temporary application, they’re easy to remove when no longer needed. Simply peel the decal away from the surface using your hand or a flat-head screwdriver. Because we make our floor decals from such sturdy materials, each piece remains intact during removal so you don’t have to worry about scraping sticker pieces or gooey residue from your facility floor.

Our footprint floor decals are an ideal solution for applying visual cues in aisles and passageways, as well as for improving workplace organization and providing navigational cues in public areas. If you aren’t seeing the design you need in our inventory of floor tape or safety signs, contact a floor marking specialist to customize a solution today. Find additional floor marking information and installation tips in our Resource Center.