Do you have a high volume of foot traffic and need a way to clearly and easily mark the flow of traffic? has the solution with our Footprint Floor Markers.

Our Footprint Floor Markers are 4.5” x 12” and are available in yellow, white, red, green, blue, and black. Their size and vivid color provide a clear pathway for foot traffic to follow. The footprints are constructed of wear-resistant PVC, and will adhere to any flat, smooth, dry, grease-free and clean surface. Application of the footprint is simple. The footprints are available in Left and Right. Included in each package is an adhesive measuring tape to ensure straight lines and even spacing.

These footprints are cost effective, they are an improvement over common vinyl floor tapes and paints as replacement (if needed) and installation costs are minimal.

The photos below were provided by one of our customers who used them to mark the flow of traffic from a pediatric doctor’s office to their onsite pharmacy. Their purpose in utilizing these footprints was to direct traffic exiting the doctor’s office through the adjoining pharmacy.

These footprints are great for use in doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities, daycares, schools, and in office and industrial settings. Please visit our website, for more information.