We carry a range of glow-in-the-dark floor marking tape options, including versatile Superior Mark® floor tape in a range of colors and photoluminescent-specific varieties. Whether in an industrial facility or warehouse, hospital, school, office, or commercial building, glowing floor marking tape is ideal for improving safety in an emergency. Read on for key information about glow-in-the-dark floor tape and explore ways to use in a manufacturing building, industrial facility, or warehouse.

How Does Glow-in-the-Dark Floor Tape Work?

Glow-in-the-dark floor tape is a laminated photoluminescent film that contains a phosphor which absorbs energy from light—the process is commonly called ‘charging.’ The absorbed energy is then released, which produces a visible glow in darkness.

How Long Does Glow-in-the-Dark Floor Tape Light Up?

We manufacture a variety of photoluminescent tapes for industrial use that glow for up to 24 hours. The brightest glow occurs for the first 30 minutes after activation, but the tape provides a clearly visible glow for hours. Other options include six- or ten-hour glow.

Can You Re-Charge Glowing Tape?

Yes, glow-in-the-dark floor tape is rechargeable, and you can recharge it over and over for the life of the tape with little diminished glow. Simply expose the tape application to natural or incandescent light for at least 30 minutes to re-activate the glow. Some tape will charge quicker, but the longer the exposure the brighter and longer the glow.

Glowing Tape for Emergency and Evacuation

Use glow-in-the-dark floor marking tape to ensure your employees and visitors can find their way in the event of a power failure or emergency. Use glowing tape to mark handrails, exits, egress, and obstacles so emergency routes are easier to navigate. Mark arrows or footprints with tape that glows to provide visual directional cues in case of a power outage. Include glowing tape with your regular floor markings to highlight utility boxes, fire safety equipment, and first aid kits so they’re easier to see at a glance, even if it’s dark.

When marking egress and exit routes, consider a highly visible floor marking tape that also glows—we carry options in a wide range of colors. Using tape with a long-lasting glow helps employees find their way in case of emergency, even if it’s dark. All our tape is backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that sticks through daily traffic, so you can trust that floor markings remain in good repair, even in the busiest areas.

an exit route with glowing tape

Improve Visibility in Traveled Areas

Glow-in-the-dark tape brings attention to stair edges, railings, walls, corners, doorways, and exits in stairways. Using anti-slip tape that glows for marking the edges of stairs is one way for your floor markings to pull double-duty: You reduce slip hazards for everyday use, and also provide a long-lasting glow when the lights go out. Mark the front edge, corners, and sides of each step so stairs are easy to spot. Other areas to apply glowing tape include handrails, doorways outlines, door handles, and on the wall to mark the incline.

Gaffer tape is the go-to stage tape for theater, but glow-in-the-dark tape has its place backstage, too. Keep actors and stagehands moving safely when you mark elevation changes, door swing, crossover aisles, service areas, and other busy, dark areas with glowing tape. Our tape adheres easily, stays in place, and glows long enough to last entire performances without recharging.

Highlight Dangers in Poorly Lit Areas

While OSHA sets lighting requirements for workshops, warehouses, and industrial facilities, these standards are the minimum—go beyond the requirements for added visibility. Then, these areas are also marked in case of a power failure. A little bit of glow improves safety in dark corners, storage closets, and other low-light areas. Some solutions for visibility and safety include:

  • Bring attention to light switches or door handles with a thin strip of tape
  • Choose glowing floor marking tape to mark walkway edges for extra visibility in an emergency
  • A textured, glow-in-the-dark tape adds grip and visibility to ladder rungs
  • Bring attention to low-clearance areas during a power failure
  • Use tape or corner markers to bring attention to columns, shelf edges, pallet locations, or other hazards

comparison of exit with and without glowing floor tape

Mark Hazards in Outdoor Areas

Some glowing tape can be used outdoors as well, such as 3M™ Photoluminescent Film, which can withstand the elements for up to a year outdoors—and much longer if applied inside. Outdoor glow tape can be used to mark steps, handrails, trip hazards, changes in elevation, doorways and handles, and areas around loading docks.

Glow-in-the-dark floor markings and shapes help employees and visitors navigate dimly lit staircases and hallways and improve visibility in case of an emergency, evacuation, or power outage. It’s easy to bring special attention to hazards throughout your facility with photoluminescent tape that applies easily, withstands traffic, and glows reliably. Explore our Resource Center for additional safety tips and installation instructions.