Are you thinking about implementing 5S and Lean practices for your facility’s workplace floor or work area?

While there are hundreds of steps you can take and products we can offer you to fully engage in 5S protocols, there is a definite starting place and a few products that will work best to get you started.

The first step is to memorize the 5S steps and go through your plant floor practicing them. This costs you little money, but does require your time and dedication.

The 5S rules are:

  • Seiri – sort, clearing, classify
  • Seiton – straighten, simplify, set in order, configure
  • Seiso – sweep, shine, scrub, clean and check
  • Seiketsu – standardize, stabilize, conformity
  • Shitsuke – sustain, self discipline, custom and practice

Sort through and throw away items not necessary (Seiri); straighten and organize in way that produces the most efficiency (Seiton); clean up the work area (Seiso); create a standardized way of organizing tasks or items throughout the entire work area or plant floor (Seiketsu); sustain your new protocols and practice (Shitsuke).

The next step to successfully using Lean practices is to improve visual cues in your workplace. This is where we can help. Two of our clients’ top choices when going Lean are floor tape and adhesive signs. Both are important visual cues you can easily add to your workplace.


Floor tape can help organize an area for products, pathways, emergency paths, mobile equipment paths and where pallets and tools should be placed. Our flagship product, Superior Mark™ floor tape, is the perfect solution. With patented beveled edges and a recessed adhesive, this tape is more resistant to being pulled up by forklifts or dragging pallets than competing tapes. We produce Superior Mark™ tape in-house, using heavy duty PVC, which makes it dirt resistant, easy to clean and makes it easily removed in one piece. Competing tapes have an average of 3 mils thickness, while Superior Mark™ Tape is 32 mls thick.


Visual cues are key to your company’s productivity and efficiency – and your bottom line. With the right visual cues your employees can work faster and work safer. We visual wall signs, as well as floor signs. Signs can be directional, instructional, motivational, warnings, reminders and you can order signs from our existing inventory or custom design one using our online tool. Check out the online tool here.

The online tool allows customers to design floor signs and floor tape and view them onscreen in real time. Designs and images appear as if they were imprinted on the sign or tape. When customers are satisfied with their choice of sizes, colors, words and/or images, the order can be submitted and the custom designed floor marking product will be delivered within a matter of days.