Superior Mark® floor marking tape features patented beveled edges—a design advancement that improves overall floor tape performance. Beveled edges help prevent damage, reducing how often you must repair or replace your tape installation, saving both time and budget dollars because there are fewer repairs necessary. Explore the benefits of beveled edge floor marking tape, and learn how to protect non-beveled-edge signs from damage.

What Is Beveled Edge Floor Tape?

Superior Mark® floor tape features edges that taper slightly, creating a beveled edge rather than a 90-degree cut. This, paired with the tape’s recessed adhesive, prevents forklifts, wheels, and dragged pallets or carts from scraping up the tape edge.

With our beveled edge design, the recessed adhesive is contained within a well beneath the tape. This combination of beveled edge and recessed adhesive allows the tape to withstand more force than a regular edge: When a forklift or pallet applies force—pushing, pulling, or dragging over the tape surface—the vehicle or pallet will move up and over the tape application, preventing damage. The shaped markers, such as the pre-cut corner or arrow options, are beveled on all sides, so no matter which direction force is applied, the tape directs the traffic over to reduce force.

Types of Beveled Edge Floor Tape

Floor marking tape is used across facilities for many purposes, and one type may not suit every need. This is why we offer a wide range of beveled edge tape options, including:

  • Rolls of floor marking tape
  • Dashes, dots, arrows, and footprints
  • L- and X-shaped markers
  • Glowing floor tape
  • Floor marking tape with custom text and graphics
  • Freezer tape
  • Hook-and-loop-backed carpet tape
  • Pre-printed and custom floor signs

Beveled Edge Guards Protect Floor Signs

For floor signs that do not feature beveled edges, applying protective beveled edge sign guards can improve sign performance and lifespan by reducing damage from forklifts, heavy equipment, and regular traffic. To install beveled edge sign guards, follow these quick steps:

  1. Properly clean and dry the floor, then install and tamp your floor sign following the recommended installation instructions.
  2. Peel away the backing from the beveled guard pieces.
  3. Line up both pieces of your beveled edge guard to create a full circle around the sign, aligned to adhere to both the sign and the floor beneath it.
  4. Complete installation by tamping or applying pressure to the floor sign protector.

Why Choose Superior Mark® Beveled Edge Tape?

Superior Mark® floor marking tape features patented beveled edges, recessed adhesive, and thick, durable PVC construction. These elements work together to create the best floor marking tape for industrial locations, schools, shopping centers, and more. And, recent updates to the manufacturing process mean tape produced after August 2020 no longer includes a release liner, so the application process is even easier, with less waste.

Other benefits of Superior Mark® beveled edge floor tape include:

  • Beveled PVC Construction Is Durable: The combination of rugged PVC and tapered edges means Superior Mark® floor tape can withstand harsh conditions and application in areas where other tapes may fail.
  • Recessed Adhesive Outlasts Other Adhesive: The well within beveled edge floor marking tape holds the adhesive to prevent it from leaking or seeping after installation. This recessed adhesive improves long-term adhesion and keeps your floor marking tape in place.
  • Old Tape Removes Easily: The beveled edges prevent tearing and rips, which aids in tape removal. Tape with straight sides may be wrinkled or torn at the edges during regular use, leading to tears and breaks while removing the tape. With beveled edges, the tape resists damage while in use, then comes away in one piece, speeding up the removal process—and subsequent reinstallation, since there is no old tape to scrape away.
  • Longer-Lasting in Busy Areas: Whether floor marking tape for industrial use, or carpet tape for visual cues in schools, libraries, or municipal offices, beveled edges are designed to withstand foot traffic, forklift and machinery traffic, wheeled carts, and vacuums and cleaning machines.

Floor marking tape is an important visual communication tool for industrial facilities, warehouses, and production floors, but some designs perform better than others. Beveled edge designs offer better adhesion for longer-lasting applications. Explore our expert floor marking advice, tips, and tricks in our Resource Center.