Superior Mark® floor marking tape features patented beveled edges, a design advancement that offers improved performance and durability. Whether you’re planning new floor markings or upgrading existing visual management tools, selecting a durable, beveled edge floor marking tape ensures your modifications last. These floor markings resist tearing and damage whether you choose tape rolls, pre-cut shapes, 5-piece floor signs, or sign guards, for any facility. Learn what beveled edges are and how the innovative design can improve your business operations.

What Is Beveled Edge Floor Tape?

Our heavy-duty Superior Mark® tape features angled beveled edges—so the sides slope, rather than being cut at 90 degrees like traditional tape. This tapered edge helps guide wheels, pallets, and boxes to slide up over the making, rather than catching on the border and tearing the tape. The tapered edge withstands more force than tape with regular 90-degree edges and directs vehicles or objects up and over the tape’s surface, preventing damage. Even our shaped markers, such as the pre-cut corner or arrow options, and our 5-piece floor tape sign kits are created with beveled edge strips to reduce pulling, catching, or tearing on the edges.

Why Choose Superior Mark® Beveled Edge Tape?

Superior Mark® is the best industrial floor marking tape for warehouses, factories, schools, shopping centers, and public facilities: The beveled edges, recessed adhesive, and thick, durable PVC material are designed to last in high-traffic locations.

When comparing Superior Mark® beveled edge marking tape to paint, traditional painted lines require significant time and effort to apply and maintain—which leads to downtime and reduced productivity. Superior Mark® beveled edge floor tape offers many advantages over typical taped and painted markings, including:

  • Durable Construction: The combination of rugged PVC and tapered edges creates a heavy-duty line marking tape that can withstand harsh conditions and areas where other tapes may fail.
  • Easy Application: Simply measure, mark, and apply your floor markings to a prepared surface. If you’ve used beveled edge floor marking tape in the past, you’ll notice our rolls no longer include a release liner, making installation even easier.
  • Lasting, Recessed Adhesive: The well within our beveled edge floor marking tape retains the adhesive to prevent leaking or seeping after installation for long-term adhesion.
  • Old Tape Removes Easily: Beveled edge tape resists damage while in use, and removes in one piece without leaving residue behind.
  • Designed for High-Traffic Areas: Our durable floor marking tape is offered in several materials for concrete industrial surfaces, carpeted libraries and municipal buildings, and cold storage facilities with frequent traffic from machines, pedestrians, and carts.

Types of Beveled Edge Floor Tape

One type of floor marking tape may not suit every need: Superior Mark® is the best industrial floor marking tape for any organizational or safety improvement project because the durable materials, colors, and designs help markings stand out in any location. We offer a wide range of beveled edge floor marking options to suit any application, including:

  • Rolls of floor marking tape
  • 5-Piece Superior  Mark® floor signs
  • Dashes, dots, arrows, and footprints
  • L- and X-shaped markers
  • Custom floor marking tape or signs
  • Glowing floor tape for low-light conditions
  • Freezer tape for cold storage areas
  • Hook-and-loop-backed carpet tape
  • Pre-printed floor message tape and floor signs

How to Use Beveled Edge Tape

Whether you’re applying visual cues in public spaces or updating wayfinding markings in a production facility, using the best industrial floor tape can reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Updating passageways and pedestrian areas with beveled tape shapes, such as arrows, dashed lines, and dots offers cues to assist with traffic flow and navigation.

Heavy-duty line marking tape can also help reinforce the principles of 5S or other lean management methodologies. Highly visible lines outline workstations and corner markers reserve inventory locations to streamline storage, provide safety reminders, and standardize processes and workflows. All of our durable floor tapes withstand cleaning machines and vacuums, so adhering to housekeeping habits—and sustaining 5S—won’t compromise your visual cues.

What Are Beveled Edge Signs?

Like our patented floor tape, beveled edge signs feature tapered borders and recessed adhesive in an easy, peel-and-stick installation. We offer a variety of Superior Mark® floor signs for safety, traffic control, and visual management. Each floor sign consists of five pre-cut, labeled strips of our most durable floor marking tape. These stay put in heavily trafficked areas where pallets, fork trucks, and carts may compromise traditional tape. The rugged construction withstands force to reduce replacement costs, and when damage does occur, replace only that section, rather than the entire sign.

Beveled Edge Guards for Floor Signs

For single-piece floor signs that do not feature beveled edges, applying protective beveled edge sign guards can improve a sign’s performance and lifespan by reducing damage from forklifts, heavy equipment, and regular traffic.

To install beveled edge sign guards, follow these quick steps:

    1. Properly clean and dry the floor, then install and tamp your floor sign following the recommended installation instructions.
    2. Peel away the backing from the beveled guard pieces.
    3. Line up both pieces of your beveled edge guard to create a full circle around the sign, aligned to adhere to both the sign and the floor beneath it.
    4. Complete installation by tamping or applying pressure to the floor sign protector.

Floor marking tape is an important visual communication tool for industrial facilities, warehouses, production floors, and office areas, so choose a high-performance product for lasting markings. Strengthen safety and organizational markings using long-lasting visuals with beveled edges. Our Superior Mark® solutions offer better protection against damage, whether you choose heavy-duty line marking tape or floor signs. For more expert floor marking advice, tips, and tricks, visit our Resource Center.