Providing safety instructions or directional cues is just as important in carpeted locations as it is in areas with non-carpeted flooring—but how do you provide these messages where floor tape won’t stick? Carpeted spaces can still benefit from floor tape for visual cues and navigation assistance. While adhesive tape isn’t the best option for rugs or carpeted spaces, our Superior Mark® hook and loop floor marking tape applies easily, sticks even in the busiest areas, and removes without leaving sticky adhesive residue behind. Tape made specifically for rugs is a perfect option for social distancing, when specific rules or guidelines may change as time goes on.

How to Get Tape to Stick to Carpet

Our hook-and-loop-backed tape is easy to apply to floors with low-pile carpet. This tape is better for carpet application because it is designed to stick to carpet fibers, whereas adhesive-backed tape cannot maintain its hold because the surface texture doesn’t allow adequate adhesion.

Our rolled tapes simply unroll and stick, no need to remove a release liner prior to application—which means one less step and less waste as well. For best results, thoroughly clean the carpet prior to application. Roll out and cut the tape into the lengths necessary, then press them into place. Or, choose pre-cut floor tape in strips, dots, corners, arrows, or other shapes that are designed to meet your specific needs. After the carpet tape has been applied, it will stay in place through cleaning and foot or wheeled traffic such as library carts, desk chairs, and wheelchairs.

When the floor markings are no longer necessary, or if your required cues change, simply pull up the carpet tape starting at one edge, and roll as you go so you can save the tape for future use.

superior mark carpet tape

The Benefits of Carpet Tape

Our carpet tape is easy to apply, and is made for long-lasting use—but this carpet tape doesn’t include adhesive so it removes easily without leaving behind sticky residue or damage. The ultra-durable, thick PVC construction ensures this floor marking tape can withstand long-term use, even in heavily trafficked areas with low-pile carpet. Custom printing allows for location-specific solutions, messaging, and directions which can improve safety and communication in public locations, schools, and workplaces.

Create Visual Cues in Reception Areas

Repositionable hook and loop floor tape and signs allow for quick and easy reminders for visitors for how to check in, where to sit, and any expectations there may be while they’re waiting. Create visual cues in carpeted waiting areas at a veterinary or dog training facility to remind clients to provide sufficient space for the dogs’ comfort. Inform visitors what paperwork or other information they should have ready when they’re called from the waiting area. Remind those waiting to check out on their way out of the building. No matter the message you wish to convey, carpet tape can work with other types of signage to ensure visitors have the information they need.

Provide Designated Spaces in the Classroom

Make circle time, freeplay, yoga sessions, and storytime easier to manage with carpet tape for schools. It’s easy for each kid to know where to go after a brief introduction to the system: Find a colored dot with your assigned animal, the first letter of your name, or a specific shape and return to it every time—criss-cross applesauce. These labels are also ideal for library storytime or after-school programs. Mark lines on the floor and let kids pick a spot in the designated area for an organized seating method, create squares on the floor so kids know where specific activities must remain, or designate spaces for kids to rest when naptime comes around.

Make Municipal Buildings Easier to Navigate

Waiting in line can be frustrating—but not as frustrating as making it to the counter to find that you’ve been in the wrong line the whole time. Provide clear directions for people looking for a provided service, before they need to ask, with floor marking tape that directs them to the proper department. Or, make carpeted inclines and stairways easier to spot with brightly colored floor marking tape to bring attention to edges.

carpet footprints and L markers

Improve Emergency Response

Mark emergency exit routes with glow-in-the-dark carpet tape options. When the lights go out, foot-shaped carpet tape can illuminate an exit route so visitors and employees can find their way out. Even without power failure, clearly marked exits improve response time in the event that a building must be evacuated. Employees may know where to go and gather when required, so ensure visitors have the same knowledge at a glance with floor marking tape that works with your emergency exit or navigational signage posted on the walls.

Foot traffic, wheeled carts, desk chairs, cleaning routines: Superior Mark® hook and loop carpet tape stays put through it all, saving you time and money. Apply this ultra-durable PVC tape in carpeted offices, schools, and buildings for efficient traffic flow and improved health and safety practices. For more information about using floor markings and signage to create safe work areas, explore our Resource Center.