Floor marking tape comes in a range of styles for industrial facility use, including options for various colors, text and graphics combinations, and checkered or striped designs—but how do you ensure floor markings are easy to see, even in case of a power outage, in low-light areas, or after dark? Explore our floor marking tape solutions that improve visibility in these circumstances.

Glow-in-the-Dark Industrial Tape

Clear visual cues are important especially when the lights go out. Improve visibility on the work floor, in stairwells, and throughout the facility with floor markings that glow in the dark. Vibrant, easy to see lines and markings can provide directional cues and improve visibility and hazard communication day-to-day—and in case of power outage, will glow to provide enough visibility to aid in safe navigation toward exits.

Make door handles, switches, walkway edges, and low-clearance areas stand out, even in the dark, with strips of glow-in-the-dark tape. Glowing floor tape is ideal for use in warehouses and industrial locations, including:

  • Stair edges, corners, and sides
  • Stairway incline and landing areas
  • Ladder rungs
  • Railings and safety rails
  • Trip hazards and elevation changes
  • Egress and exit routes

Floor Tape Solutions for Improving Visibility in Industrial Facilities

Reflective Floor Marking Tape

Use reflective tape to improve visibility when you mark edges the bottoms and corners of shelving units, pathways in areas with low light, low-clearance areas, or columns and protruding edges. Reflective tape strips can make the edges of equipment or machinery or the back of a trailer easier to spot, too. Our reflective tape options include:

  • Reflective warning tape with alternating color stripes
  • High-intensity post/drum reflective tape
  • Engineering-grade reflective tape with adhesive backing
  • Day-to-night reflective tape that offers a high degree of visibility during both darkness and daylight
  • Reflective barricade tape to improve roadway safety
  • Highly reflective tape intended for use on vehicles

Reflective Pavement Markings

In parking lots, garages, construction sites, and other paved locations, the use of lines, markers, and signs improves overall safety. Lines and graphics help visitors know where to go; lane markings help keep oncoming vehicles separate; crosswalks keep foot and vehicular traffic apart. Choosing vibrant, easy-to-see colors can improve visibility, but reflective pavement markings are an important safety solution for marking parking lots and outdoor locations for when it’s dark or overcast.

Keep an eye on safety with road reflectors, reflective tape, and pavement tape designed for improved nighttime delineation even in moderate rainfall conditions. Heavy-duty pavement markings are manufactured of top-grade materials, including glass beads, for long-lasting durability during the day and reflectivity at night. Pavement tape can be applied by hand, with no drying time required, and will withstand moderate traffic.

Gobo Projectors and LED Signs

If you need floor markings, but the area is too dim, gobo projectors and signs or LED or laser line projectors can provide bright, highly visible cues that are easy to see even in dim locations or areas where floor tape will not stick. The projected signs offer clear, vibrant visual cues that can be updated easily using custom gobos or pre-printed glass gobos with common facility safety messages. They’re heat-resistant and printed with vibrant, contrasting colors for incredible visibility. Project lines, crosswalks, safety messages, speed limit notices, and laser lines with our virtual signage solutions.

gobo light projectors in warehouse

Consider Design to Improve Visibility

Glow-in-the-dark and reflective tape aren’t the only options to improve the visibility of cues. The colors you choose should stand out against the background of the floor or wall where the tape is applied. Any text or graphics should be printed in a contrasting color to ensure readability. The text should be large enough to be spotted at a distance—and, the tape should also be wide enough for easy visibility. While OSHA and ANSI designate some color and width requirements, set facility-wide rules to create a floor marking and signage strategy that’s easy to understand across departments.

Keep your facility safe, even after dark or in case of a power outage, with reflective and glow-in-the-dark tape, virtual lines and signs, or durable pavement markings. Explore our Resource Center for additional videos, how-to guides, and industrial facility safety articles.