Floor markings improve workplace safety by providing important information including navigational cues about designated traveled areas, notice regarding hazards, and specific instructions that must be followed. Floor markings are indispensable in industrial facilities, but adhesives may not last as long on some surfaces. Areas such as loading docks can be exposed to extreme weather, freezers may dip down to zero degrees, and adhesive is not designed for use on uneven surfaces such as pavement or gravel. Explore these floor marking solutions for areas where regular adhesives and floor marking tape just won’t cut it.

Pavement Marking Solutions

Pavement markings, including self-adhesive pavement tape, rumble strips, arrows, reflective markers, and signs with text and graphics help improve communication in parking lots, garages, and other paved locations. Keep traffic flowing with arrows and reflective lines, mark reserved spaces or closed areas, and keep pedestrians safe with crosswalk lines and directional cues. Our parking lot striping tape allows you to mark lanes, parking spaces, and more without messy paint or extended downtime—and the markings last longer, too. The reflective adhesive-backed parking lot tape, pre-cut letters and numbers, and construction-grade pavement tape will stick to asphalt or concrete, are easy to apply, and remain in place even through heavy traffic. Primer can improve tape adhesion, and floor tape application equipment makes the installation process easier.

Parking area floor markings in a garage

Mark Lines on Gravel Surfaces

Traffic safety should be a priority, even in locations without paved surfaces. Temporary solutions are available for worksites or parking areas with gravel surfaces. Because dirt and gravel interfere with the adhesive and tape cannot properly bond on these surfaces, cones and barricades are ideal tools to provide visual cues in areas with loose gravel or dirt surfaces. Explore our range of traffic control products, including barrier tape, high-visibility printed flagging tape, perimeter markers, and signs designed to fit on top of traffic cones.

Durable, Reusable Carpet Tape

Locations such as schools, office settings, municipal buildings, and libraries may require floor markings and directional cues, but carpeted floors reduce the lifespan of adhesive-backed tape. Duct tape and painter’s tape don’t stick well, and when removed, they leave residue behind. This adhesive residue can be difficult—and costly—to remove. But, carpet tape with rugged hook-and-loop backing offers a long-term solution in carpeted spaces, even in heavily trafficked locations.

Simply apply the tape to the required surfaces, and carry on as usual. You can even vacuum and roll equipment or carts over the application—this durable solution is designed to send traffic up and over, rather than dragging across, for long-lasting markings. When you’re done, remove it from the floor, damage-free. You can even save the carpet tape for later use—roll it up and store it for when you need it again.

Projected Lines Improve Safety

In locations where taped or painted lines cannot be applied, projected lines may be a suitable solution. Virtual signs are easily visible, can be updated easily as messaging needs change, and are a cost-effective solution. LED projectors create clear visual cues to improve on-site safety, especially in areas where floor tape cannot be applied. Use colored lines or gobo projectors with specific messages to ensure a safe, productive facility. Gobo signs can be used to draw attention to pedestrian crossing zones, forklift traffic areas, caution messages, and important warnings. Choose your gobo projector and virtual signage based on display needs, mounting height, projection distance, and lighting conditions.

Projected floor signage with Caution Safety Shoes Required

Freezer-Rated Tape Sticks in Freezing Temperatures

Loading docks, refrigerated areas, vestibules, and other areas that are subjected to cold to freezing temperatures may need freezer-rated floor marking tape. This tape features an adhesive that’s designed to withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather conditions like snow, sleet, and rain. Entryways and loading docks, where the elements are tracked or blown in, may also benefit from this floor marking tape option. It provides the same pressure-sensitive adhesive, beveled edges, and smooth, easy-to-clean finish—but is designed for better adherence in freezers, cold storage areas, or other locations that see freezing temperatures.

There’s a floor marking solution for every location, but you must consider any special circumstances the tape you apply must withstand. To ensure your paint, tape, or other markings are suitable for your intended application, contact one of our Floor Marking Specialists at (866) 284-1541, or explore the how-to guides and other information in our Resource Center.