If you’re looking to improve safety communication but need signage that doesn’t add to your maintenance and repair workload, consider Superior Mark floor signs. No matter what industry you’re in, keeping employees, customers, and vendors safe requires clear, concise, and reliable visual cues. While signage is an effective safety communication tool, not all options are as durable and lasting as you need. Superior Mark floor markings improve industrial safety and last longer than the rest thanks to our high-performing, patented material. Read on to learn what makes these markings different from what’s on the market and how it can benefit your business.

Easy, Strip-by-Strip Sign Installation & Removal

The ease of installation is one of the biggest benefits of the Superior Mark floor sign design. The application process isn’t complicated—and can save you money in labor costs and floor downtime. Superior Mark signs are installed the same way you apply floor marking tape, and if you’re familiar with our patented material, you know there’s less prep and no drying time. Each sign is made from five pre-cut strips so you won’t need to trim or measure the pieces for fit. The quick-peel liner has an overhang that’s easy to grasp to remove the backing as you lay each piece down, and the sections are clearly labeled to prevent errors and confusion while you work.

Built-In Beveled Edges Protect Signs From Damage

In a busy shop or factory, floor markings that will withstand heavy equipment and constant traffic are necessary to provide lasting visual cues to keep everyone safe. One way Superior Mark floor signs live up to demanding workplaces is with their built-in beveled edges. This design features a tapered angle along the long edges of the sign strips so that any machine, pallet, or wheel crossing it will move up and over it, rather than catching and causing rips, tears, or peeling. In fact, the patented beveled edge design prevents damage so effectively that we’ve produced protective floor sign devices modeled after it to help extend the lifespan of our vinyl or rubber floor markings.

Improved Performance With Industrial-Grade, Recessed Adhesive 

Many choose Superior Mark® floor tape for its industrial-grade adhesive. Having floor markings that stay put helps eliminate lapses in safety between audits and reduces the frequency you need to replace signage. The recessed adhesive is pre-applied to the strip in a well beneath the material’s surface and is heat-bonded to the backside of the sign. This technology allows Superior Mark® floor markings to withstand more push and pull force than other options.

Removable Strips Provide Lasting Yet Flexible Signage

Our Superior Mark sign’s adhesive adheres well but is removable and won’t damage the floor when peeled off, making it appealing for temporary and permanent applications. The construction qualities mentioned above plus under-printed graphics provide a lasting solution with less maintenance and removal challenges than other permanent choices. This is an ideal combination for any industrial workplace looking for long-term visual cues. The material is also ideal for those who may need to remove or change signage without altering the property flooring, such as for commercial rentals, trade events, or for companies implementing continuous improvements where temporary safety adjustments may be made over time. 

Easily Repair Damaged Signs 

If any of your Superior Mark signs become damaged, the removable material makes repairing signage easy and cost-effective. Rather than throwing away the whole graphic and starting from scratch, simply peel up the affected section and easily install a new strip. Replacing a small section is faster than redoing the entire sign so you can expect less downtime and fewer labor hours spent on maintaining visual cues, plus you’ll save materials budget too.

How To Order Superior Mark Floor Signs

The Superior Mark material option is available for our entire inventory of floor signs. Select it from the list of material options, or inquire with us about any safety or caution messages. We know how important specific signage can be, which is why we offer a custom sign design tool for our rubber and vinyl materials; if you need to personalize our Superior Mark material, contact our Floor Marking Specialists at 1-866-284-1541 to design floor markings to meet your needs. You’ll also find these signs in our 5S Safety Kits for creating training displays and visuals in highly trafficked areas.

Whatever floor marking material you choose, our inventory offers caution and safety warnings, traffic control, and Lean and 5S cues to boost productivity and keep employees, visitors, and customers safe. Visit our Resource Center to learn how visuals and floor signs can visually organize and improve your facility.