We’ve created a new floor sign application format to improve safety messaging and training methods in industrial locations. The multiple patents in our portfolio are proof of our ongoing commitment to creating solutions for improved workplace safety, and our tiled-application Superior Mark floor signs have been designed to the same standards: This new Superior Mark® floor sign design can withstand the most common damage types that require floor sign replacement.

What Is a Superior Mark Floor Sign?

Designed to be used to provide visual cues in industrial facilities, each tiled floor sign is created by aligning five individual, pre-printed strips of our patented Superior Mark® tape, which is manufactured with beveled edges and a recessed adhesive system. These technologies work together to prevent tearing, scraping, peeling, and surface damage due to industrial traffic or dragging pallets and heavy loads. Patented Superior Mark® floor tape is an industry-leading solution for floor markings, and our latest perimeter protective devices increase floor sign longevity and durability. This new, innovative tiled floor sign format follows suit, providing yet another solution for longer-lasting industrial visual cues.

These strip-style signs were first offered in our 5S Safety School Kits and their excellent performance showed us that this product could improve the lifespan of our already durable signs, as well as reduce replacement costs. The tiled format installs easily to provide visual cues for facility safety, organization, and productivity—with even better performance and versatility.

Where Do You Use Superior Mark Floor Signs?

Use our Superior Mark floor signs anywhere you need to replace existing signage or add signs to improve productivity and safety. The clear, concise visuals improve organization and support 5S or Lean Methodologies in any area of your workplace. Because they are easy to repair, installing them in areas where sign replacements or pavement marking touch-ups are frequently needed can stretch your budget in the long run.

Superior Mark signs also help facilities go beyond compliance requirements for visual communication without worrying about expensive installation fees, extra downtime, and increased maintenance hours. Tiled signs are designed to create longer-lasting floor markings in any high-traffic area, whether you’re applying them as part of a 5S Safety School Kit for training, or to display important safety messaging on the work floor.

How to Install Superior Mark Signs

As with our other safety floor signs and tape, these Superior Mark warehouse signs are designed to install quickly. The precut strips line up precisely to create one continuous message or image. The area can be opened to traffic immediately following installation to prevent downtime beyond floor preparation and installation.

Follow these steps for installing Superior Mark floor sign strips: 

  1. Clean the area thoroughly.
  2. With the backing still in place, align your sign strips to ensure you have the necessary installation space and order. Mark the area to guide your placement.
  3. Beginning at the top and working your way down, carefully peel away the backing and line up your sign strips, ensuring the seams align properly so the sign is readable.
  4. Once all pieces are in place, tamp the entire area to activate the adhesive.

Make Easy, Budget-Saving Visual Cue Updates

While our Superior Mark sign adhesive forms a reliable bond that withstands cleaning chemicals and machines and forklift or vehicle traffic, the strips can be removed for quick, cost-effective repairs and updated messaging. Since each sign is made of five pieces, you can replace individual strips as repairs are needed—rather than the whole sign—saving money and slashing installation time. If your workflow changes, no complicated removal process is required as you find with painted floor markings. Our floor tape strips peel away easily, without leaving behind residue or floor damage. 

Order Custom Messages and Colors

Another benefit of our floor signs is that we can accommodate custom message, color, or graphics options to suit your needs. Any of our existing floor signs can be created in this tiled installation style, and we can also produce custom floor markings in this strip-style sign format. Contact our floor marking specialists to design durable signs specific to your facility.

Our tiled-style Superior Mark floor signs are excellent options for creating long-lasting visual cues used for safety messaging or training initiatives. The beveled edges and recessed adhesive ensure your safety messaging and visual communication tools outlast even the heaviest warehouse traffic. For industrial safety tips or ideas for facility signage, explore our Resource Center.