When cutting-edge educational and training programs want to include InSite Solutions’ Superior Mark™ products in mock warehouses, laboratories, welding shops or other learning environments, InSite Solutions Director Cliff Lowe takes it as the highest compliment.

“We know we’re doing something right when teachers want to use our products as they’re educating future plant managers, logistic employees and engineers,” Lowe said.

Oklahoma State University’s College of Engineering had used Superior Mark™ tape in the past in its 20,000 square foot industrial lab space. After much success with that product, Lab Coordinator Jeremy Crocker recently ordered more to mark the newly renovated welding and foundry shop.

“Stripping paint is very time consuming and not cost efficient for us,” Crocker said. “We have a great looking epoxy finished shop floor and want to keep it looking good. Superior Mark™ floor tape is the only product we’ve found that doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the floor when the tape is removed.”

The OSU lab will use its latest purchase of Superior Mark™ floor tape to designate pedestrian walkways in the remodeled shop. According to OSHA, pedestrian walkways are important facets of a shop layout as they provide safe space for employees to travel around equipment and stay out of the way of moving equipment. Like when using a crosswalk outside on a street, pedestrians in the marked area are assured they have the right-of-way and can feel safe to move in the designated area. Operators of moving equipment understand they must yield to pedestrians and expect to have to stop for walkers in the walkway. Properly marked walkways are essential to employee safety.

Other InSite Solutions products used in comparable classrooms across the country include pallet markers, floor signs, GHS labels, and safety kits for marking electrical panels, emergency doors, and fire extinguishers For schools like OSU that teach students Lean and 5S practices, having access to the industry’s best signs and markings is important to educators. “We use InSite’s products as teaching aids and practical tools to offer students a ‘real-world’ experience,” Crocker said.

Crocker said good markings and signs in an industrial setting are as important as road signs when you’re driving.

“Visual cues are key. We want our students to become used to seeing floor markings and signs and have it become part of their work culture. When they walk into a real-world job, they recognize the cues from what they’ve learned in our lab.” Crocker added.

If you’ve got a learning environment or lab where you’re teaching the plant and workshop managers and employees of tomorrow, check out our products at stop-painting.com and see how we can make your classroom better.