’s best selling adhesive and stencil footprints get a ghoulish makeover for Halloween! Instead of our typical yellow, red, green, white, blue, orange colors you see on facility floors, these footprints have been given a bath – a blood bath.

We’ve got three ways for you to offer a trail of mysterious, bloody footprints to your Halloween décor:

  1. Superior Mark™ Tape footprints have our proprietary adhesive which will makethem easily adhere to your inside floors or sidewalk, patios, garage floors or driveways. They install quickly and are easy to pull up when Halloween is over (we wouldn’t recommend leaving them up for Thanksgiving – though they would last that long!).

Want to up your spook game even more? We can make your bloody footsteps glow-in-the-dark for even more harrowing fun. Nothing says terror like looking out and seeing GLOWING bloody footsteps coming up to your house!

Halloween Footprint Floor Markers 1

Halloween Footprint Floor Markers with a Bloody Twist!

Our floor tape is engineered to hold up to heavy industrial traffic, so we feel confident they can take on a steady flurry of trick-or-treaters, kids, pets and parent traffic. Superior Mark™ Tape is different from other tapes by its beveled edges and recessed, highway grade adhesive. This attention to design makes Superior Mark™ Floor Tape and Markers the most heavy duty floor tape available; facilities use it to mark aisles, pallets, work cells and more. They can be removed in one piece, making it ideal for Lean and 5S initiatives that require layout flexibility.

  1. Bring the bloody trail inside with our hook & loop-backed footprints to extend your path of mayhem to your interior carpeted areas. We use the same high-quality Superior Mark™ Tape as we use on facility floors, but these footsteps are better suited to carpeted areas, as they easily pull up without leaving any residue on your carpet. Best of all – they’re reusable next year too!
  1. Also reusable are our footprint stencils. When not being used to freak people out on Halloween, facilities use these – indoors or outdoors – with paint to show people where the areas for walking are. They can be used inside an industrial facility or an outdoor footpath. Create a path of left and right footprints by alternating between the two sides of the stencil. It’s made from reusable polyethylene plastic, in your choice of 1/16-inch or 1/8-inch thickness.

    Halloween Footprint Floor Markers 2

    The Halloween Footprints are the perfect addition to your decorations!

To use as a Halloween scare tactic, we’d recommend using washable red paint and sponging on red, blood-like paint, using the stencil on sidewalks, driveways, patios and more.

All joking aside, our footprints are an important part of our floor marking products that keep facilities Lean, safe and efficient. Our patented Superior Mark™ Tape makes these, and all our floor markings, the best in the business. Check out all our footprint products here and stay tuned to learn about other Halloween ideas.