Floor marking tape shares important safety messages, aids in facility and workflow organization and helps improve OSHA compliance, but what other options are there for this durable product? Our heavy-duty Superior Mark® Floor Tape features adhesive that sticks while you need it—but removes easily when it’s time for a change. It’s not just for industrial facilities and warehouses: Custom messages and a variety of colors can be tailored for use in any space. Here are six unexpected places to use floor marking tape for temporary or permanent applications.

Communicate Details on College Campuses

Welcoming new students to campus just got easier: Visual cues with custom messages and graphics help students feel at home during orientation and throughout the year. Create a comfortable environment and make the transition easier with floor tape—you’ll answer fewer questions about where the bursar’s office is and have more time for activities.

  • Use arrows to direct incoming freshman to the appropriate offices or classrooms
  • Create easy to follow paths to common areas
  • Mark cafeteria traffic flow to keep lines moving smoothly
  • Use tape or signs designed for use on floors or carpet for ice breaker games or scavenger hunts
  • Host an indoor sports event using adhesive and carpet floor marking tapes to create ‘playing fields’
  • When necessary, encourage social distancing between students

Design Safe and Organized Maker Spaces

Create a safer maker space with floor marking tape. Permanent or temporary, tailor your messages to your maker space needs. From custom safety reminders and rules to colors and graphics to help the smallest creators to get involved.

  • Color-code tools and equipment to coordinate with their designated spaces for quick and easy clean-up
  • Improve safety with a specific color or pattern to indicate tools or areas with minimum age requirements
  • Display safety equipment reminders with graphics and text so everyone remembers eye and ear protection
  • Apply an easy-to-see perimeter around tool stations to encourage members to keep a safe distance while tools are in use
  • Mark spaces for storage of modular equipment to support orderliness
  • Create a race track or finish line on the floor so makers can test their robots, RC cars and other creations

Make Museum or Gallery Exhibits Stand Out

Durable, temporary tape solutions can improve tours, remind visitors of off-limits areas, direct foot traffic and provide custom messages. Because museum and gallery exhibits are always changing, easy removal and no residue means you’re able to create your next exhibit without stripping residue and paint from the floor—simply remove and begin again.

  • Create a self-guided museum, historical society or gallery walking tour with color-coded lines or arrows: Guests follow the tour at their own pace, or adjust their chosen path on a whim
  • Mark the floor of rental spaces to remind guests where tables, chairs and equipment belong after use
  • Improve ticketing procedures with visual cues, arrows, lines and signage
  • Turn hallways and coat storage areas into learning opportunities with custom-printed timelines or messages that detail the organization or building history

Craft Imaginative Spaces for Schools or Daycares

Industrial-grade floor marking tape is virtually indestructible for use in schools, camps or daycare facilities. Get creative with your designs and let imaginations run wild. Carpeted classrooms aren’t left out: Carpet floor tape with hook and loop backing sticks and holds without tearing, slipping or folding.

  • Mark the floors with game boards—hopscotch, giant checkers, roads for toy vehicles, a treasure map—when it’s time to play, slide the desks aside, stack the chairs and enjoy
  • Create visual cues for arrival, circle time, handwashing procedures or line-up
  • Use gaffer tape for theater clubs: Prep the stage with placement cues for people, set pieces or props, give backstage workflows a boost with directional cues, reserved spaces for props and designated waiting areas in the wings
  • Make safety messages and instructions stand out for safer woodshop classes or vocational-tech schools

Create Safe, Streamlined Animal Care Facilities

Animal care facilities are prone to wear and tear. Foot traffic, daily cleaning, strong chemicals and dog nails are no match for the right floor tape. Floor marking tape sticks and stays in animal shelters, rescues, boarding facilities and veterinary offices.

  • Mark a line at kennel doors or use custom signage to remind visitors how to create a more comfortable environment for nervous dogs
  • Improve safety for volunteers and staff with reminder signs for chemical use, eyewash stations, common wet or slippery floors and isolation areas
  • Designate spaces for mobile cleaning supplies like carts, brooms, tools and trash cans
  • Improve workflow by marking food prep stations, intake areas or directional cues in spaces with heavy foot traffic
  • Design an indoor training area or agility course: Tape is a perfect solution for directional cues, targets, marking corners for equipment placement and start or finish lines

Improve Communication and Safety at the Range

Safety around firearms comes down to excellent communication—visual cues play a large role in safety at the firing range. Mitigate risk with clear visual communication tools including text, graphics and color-coded floor tape.

  • Mark firing lanes
  • Designate safe distances for observation
  • Indicate entrances, exits and footpath areas
  • Post clear reminders and signage for ear and eye protection for safety
  • Use glow in the dark tape to mark out advanced firing courses for competition or low-light training


Because the application process is quick and easy, floor marking tape is a perfect solution in a variety of situations—within a facility, at a school, in retail spaces and beyond.