Upward Basketball League director Ken Friedman in Fair Oaks, Calif., recently placed an order for our Superior Mark Carpet Tape. He tested the product before he bought it, by contacting us about a Sample Box. After trying out the carpet tape, Ken placed an order to enable the league to use the carpet tape for their 2019-2020 season. The league plays games inside Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church.

“We ordered six rolls of white 2″ and the rolls have been installed,” Ken reported. “The product works great and everyone seems very happy. We have had practices on it and the coaches are very pleased. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about using it on a sports carpet.”

Ken says he leaves the tape down between games and anticipates using the tape throughout the entire season. “At the end of the season, we will roll up the tape and use it again next season. The product was exactly what we needed to get the courts laid out.”

carpet floor tape application

Unlike using adhesive tape on carpet, our Superior Mark Carpet Tape comes us easily, without leaving behind a gunky, messy residue on the carpet. Ken said the league had tried using adhesive tape in the past, and it was not an acceptable option. “We tried carpet ‘tape’,”Ken said. “It didn’t work at all.”

About our Carpet Tape

Our Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape takes all the features that make Superior Mark™ Floor Tape the best floor marking tape on hard floors, adds an industrial strength hook & loop backing and enables it to offer the same superior marking capabilities on carpeted surfaces, as it does in large warehouse or plant facilities.

Many people try to use regular adhesive marking tape on carpet and quickly find out that when they don’t need the tape mark anymore — or, most frequently, when it starts peeling up — there’s a gunky, sticky residue from the adhesive left on the carpet. Many schools now forbid teachers from using “duct” tape on carpeted classroom floors because janitors and maintenance crews complain about the damage to the carpet left behind. The cost in chemicals and manpower involved in cleaning these tapes up off floors and carpet, or even replacing carpet, does not make them cost effective.

Want to Try our Carpet Tape?

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