Industrial floor signs communicate reminders for hazards, safety procedures, and information in warehouse facilities, and when damaged, they can lead to decreased safety and increased confusion. Choosing signs made to withstand industrial traffic so they stay intact and readable is important; that’s why we design our floor signs with durability in mind, including our Split Stop Sign Floor Sign Kit. This kit accommodates cracked or uneven flooring and areas where floor automated guided vehicles (AGVs), forklifts, and pedestrians coexist. Not only does the split design make application easier on difficult surfaces, but the Superior Mark floor sign design provides longevity in high traffic areas. 

Lasting, Durable Material

Each strip of the Split Stop Sign is made from durable Superior Mark substrate. The plastic-based material measures 32 mils thick to help resist damage from twisting and turning or stretching caused by forklift movement, dragging pallets, and floor cleaning equipment. Our vinyl floor signs are also coated in an anti-skid overlaminate which offers anti-slip safety for foot traffic and provides scuff resistance against daily operations and floor cleaning machines.

Increased Adhesion Area

A benefit of our split floor signs is that you get even more adhesion area for a better, longer-lasting application. Even with our industrial-strength Superior Mark® material and recessed adhesive, an ideal application requires that a maximum area of the sign is bonded to the mating surface without gaps or bubbles. A split sign allows you to align the pieces on either side of a gap to achieve a more consistent, complete bond. Even though the message is divided, the highly recognizable octagon and red color provide an instant visual cue that alerts traffic to halt. These strips also accommodate uneven or sloped surfaces and simplify application because you can focus on getting proper adhesion with each individual strip.

Flexible Placement for Improved Safety

Choosing a split sign application allows you to select the most effective location for your floor sign without interference from concrete seams, uneven surfaces, or existing striping. Implement a Split Stop Floor Sign to control traffic in areas with floor striping without interrupting or covering the lines. For areas frequented by AGVs and other industrial traffic, these signs leave the automated routes marked with industrial floor tape lines, while adding a stop sign to alert forklifts and foot traffic to halt. This sign type can also be used in dock areas with floor striping, aisles with marked lanes, or other locations where traffic control and floor markings must coexist.

Beveled Edges & Recessed Adhesive

The edges on our floor signs, including the Split Stop Sign, taper slightly to create a beveled edge that prevents forklifts, pallets, carts, and other industrial equipment from peeling up the tape edge. Each strip of our Split Stop Signs feature this design, providing a bevel on the long edge surfaces, plus we each strip uses an industrial strength recessed adhesive. This combination makes each section of the sign resistant to damage and peeling, providing long-lasting adhesion.

Fast, Easy Application & Replacement

Our floor signs’ peel-and-stick adhesive allows for easier application versus painting, with no curing time required. These adhesive floor signs are also removable for flexibility. Because our Split Stop Sign is applied in 10 individual pieces with non-permanent adhesive, it is easy to replace sections—rather than the entire sign—if they become damaged. This also is helpful when your workflow changes, as the sign may be removed faster and a new one installed than if it were painted directly on your floor.

Our Split Stop Signs are excellent solutions for creating long-lasting traffic control visuals for surfaces with seams, uneven surfaces, cracks, or with areas marked with AGV pathways. If you need custom solutions, contact our Floor Marking Specialists at 1-866-284-1541, and explore our Resource Center for more industrial safety tips.