Not only can floor tape and signs improve the safety of your warehouse or factory, but proper signage reduces confusion and provides reminders quickly and clearly to improve efficiency and productivity. We inventory many pre-made facility signs for safety, procedures, and directional cues to your employees and customers, but sometimes you need messaging that is specific to your business and your processes—our custom floor signs and tape deliver. Our quick and easy-to-use online floor marking tape and sign design tool guides you through creating personalized signage for warehouses to aid in productivity, efficiency, and safety.

1. Improve Processes With Custom Floor Signs

While you likely already have 5S or Lean signage in your warehouse, taking an extra step to implement custom floor signs and tape in your facility can provide your employees with targeted messaging to assist with your processes, minimize errors, and improve efficiency. Remove second-guessing and hesitation by labeling work areas clearly to indicate staging, process steps, and communicate checkpoints. Consider these custom solutions for improving production processes and workflows:

  • Label Product & Material Staging Areas: Our customizable floor tape makes it easy to label staging areas with the specific contents or status to erase any doubt of what product should be held there. Create tape with repeating text and graphics to apply around a pallet or cart area for a visual reminder of which items belong.
  • Define Workflow Steps: Production processes that rely on hand-picking or manual assembly can be reinforced using custom signs defining the correct order to ensure employees follow the most efficient, established method. Use your standard specification or location numbering system or display each numerical step with an arrow to show the workflow.
  • Provide Quality Control Reminders: Create custom floor signs with quality control checklists specific to each production line, work cell, or packing station. Display them where a hand-off or finishing step occurs to ensure employees double-check their work before sending the item on.
  • Improve Training & Recognition: Help employees recognize process, safety, and other signs in your facility quickly using a custom 5S signage training kit. Display these floor markings in high-traffic areas to help employees memorize various visual cues to strengthen their understanding of any custom floor signs and tape you introduce. 

2. Provide Instruction for Seasonal & Temporary Workflows

Installing custom signage even for temporary processes can help keep your business flexible and efficient. Whether your workflow changes are due to seasonality, labor shortages, or other temporary factors, signage with specific messaging can make the difference between a quick changeover or confusion. Our floor tape and signs install quickly and easily and do not require long curing or dry times so you can support temporary processes on-the-fly. The quality of our adhesives means they remain firmly in place, yet they can be removed when your workflow changes without damaging the floors. Educate employees on common processes with these temporary floor marking techniques:

  • Outline Equipment Footprints With Custom Printed Tape: For a factory that performs machine changeovers, a quick and correct process can help avoid downtime and errors. Outline equipment positions using identifying floor tape and include orientation markers, the process name, or pre-determined tape colors to eliminate confusion and improve repeatability. 
  • Label Stations & Position Assignments: Swap out generic floor signs for work cell locations and design custom ones that include the line name, station number, and role or other information to quickly orient temporary employees and direct work assignments efficiently.
  • Create Temporary Bins & Aisle Markers: When spikes in demand call for temporary picking aisles or quick-pull locations, use custom floor tape corners to map out pallet locations using less tape—and less time—while still providing material handlers clear direction. Easily label each picking location with a floor sign for your distribution team.
  • Provide Reminders for Seasonal Processes: In a warehouse or factory that relies on intermittent use of fans and heaters to keep employees comfortable, temporary floor signs and tape provide visual cues to improve awareness of trip hazards and provide fire prevention reminders. Design a repeating message floor tape to use to mark the ideal location for these peripheral pieces of equipment so they have adequate clearance and do not become hazards. Install temporary signs on walkways leading to exits reminding employees to shut off fans, heaters, or other seasonal equipment at the end of each shift.

3. Increase Safety With Custom Messages & Rules

The heavy-duty adhesive and durable materials used to manufacture our industrial floor signs and tape provide long-lasting results. We offer many facility safety floor signs, but sometimes you need a specific message to keep employees safe and prevent injury. Customize your own for use with these application ideas: 

  • Label Bins for Lifting Safety: Prevent employee lift injuries with custom floor decals for your warehouse. Mark bins where oversized or heavy items are located using a symbol that’s instantly recognizable so employees know that assistance is needed. If the actual weight is important for shipping or handling, or to alert employees with restrictions, include it on the label too.
  • Pedestrian Routes for Safety: While we offer many premade crosswalk floor signs for facilities, marking walkways with custom floor tape, in accordance with OSHA and other safety regulation guidelines, can support safe traffic flow. If there are long picking routes, create a floor sign to indicate bin ranges for aisles or other details to save employees’ steps and not put them in the path of heavy machinery.
  • Factory Safety Around Machinery: Display floor signs to direct foot traffic around machinery safely, noting details or hazards for the location, such as a step, the arm of a piece of equipment, or extreme temperatures. 
  • PPE Requirement Signage: Rather than displaying several individual premade signs for employees, create custom PPE signs that include specific details for all personal protective or safety gear required at each station.

4. Clarify Messaging for Security & Accessibility

Limiting access to different areas of your warehouse isn’t just for security; access-related signage can also indicate restrictions due to load size, heights, and notify people of accessibility routes. Using custom signs for public areas will reduce navigational confusion for visitors or customers, and using signs that communicate more than “Authorized Personnel Only” provides employees with information they need to make decisions. Target facility accessibility and security messaging with these floor sign solutions:

  • Access Signs for Security: When restrictions are in place for a warehouse area that isn’t behind a locked door, use a custom floor sign to clearly identify who should or shouldn’t be in the area, and be specific (department, badge IDs, AM/PM shift, and so on) for clarity. Custom floor signs provide entry instructions and safety reminders for couriers or visitors in open dock areas where wall space is limited.
  • Cues for Accessibility Access: Made-to-order directional arrow signs in traffic flow areas to denote exactly where accessibility ramps, elevators, or automatic doors are located in your facility. Be specific to provide useful direction for your building while adhering to OSHA and ADA-mandated visual and textual cues.
  • Clearance Notices: Mark clearance heights where forklifts and hydraulic lifts work to alert drivers to potential hazards and overhead limits. Custom signage can easily mark an individual aisle with specific restrictions. For larger areas, custom floor tape that labels the height restriction using a repeating message helps improve understanding to prevent damage and injury.

Design Custom Floor Tape & Signs With Our Online Tool

You likely have some ideas of where custom signs or tape could improve your processes and safety. Use our customizable floor tape and sign tool to personalize messaging, select custom colors, and choose visual cues to create meaningful signage for your warehouse or factory.

  • Tailored Messages & Phrases: The more specific a floor sign’s message is, the better it is understood. Use the text feature in our custom tool to include terms, definitions, or even specific products your employees will recognize on your floor tape and signs.
  • Color-Coded Signs & Tape: Color-coding reinforces your visual communication and can alert employees of potential danger, to use caution, or direct them to a location. Our tool has many standard colors to choose from, including options for safety, directional, equipment location, and so on. If your warehouse has a color scheme in place, input your color palette into our tool for continuity.
  • Safety Icons & Symbols: Graphics on signs provide context, especially in a multilingual workplace. Select images from our tool’s library or upload your own to add safety icons, directional symbols, and emblems to any custom sign or floor tape.

Our custom tape and sign builder allows you to create professional-looking signs to communicate informational messaging to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. Our custom solutions don’t stop with floor signs: Contact our Floor Marking Specialists at 1-866-284-1541 for other design needs, from parking lot stencils or custom gobo discs to meet your facility needs. Explore our Resource Center for more industrial safety tips.