Keeping employees safe depends on in-depth training and consistency in implementing protective measures, such as physical barriers, limited-access zones, and visual cues. To ensure all staff members recognize and understand the floor markings, signage, and color cues used on the manufacturing floor, warehouse areas, or elsewhere in the building, install the 5S Safety School Kit in important locations throughout the facility. Main entrances are key areas for safety reminders.

What Is the 5S Safety School Kit?

Designed to target a facility’s individual safety cues and visual communication methods, the 5S Safety School Kit puts all visual communication tools on display at entry points and key areas within the facility to reinforce employees’ memories and act as a training tool. Similar to a safety notice poster, this kit reproduces safety messaging on the floors for a large-scale reminder of warnings and notices that may be communicated using floor marking tape, floor signs, virtual signs, labels, or posters.

Improve Safety Through Repetition

Studies show that repeated exposure to visuals improves memory¹, which can help employees know the required actions when faced with safety messaging around the workplace. Not only does repetition improve memory, but exposure to visual reminders also allows staff to act more quickly when they encounter emergency messaging.

Who Should Use the Safety School Kit?

Our original 5S Safety School Kit was designed in collaboration with Amazon warehouse managers. Amazon warehouses must comply with set safety requirements, including the use of visual cues that follow consistent color standards, across locations. To ensure these cues are easily understood by all—including new employees who have just completed their onboarding training—the Safety School floor marking kit provides ample reminders for safety. The original kit was designed to meet Amazon’s specifications, but customized versions of this tool provide benefits for all industrial locations.

What Comes in a 5S Safety School Kit?

The Safety School Kit features examples of every visual cue present within the facility and can be adjusted to meet your specific training requirements. The Amazon Kit is displayed in a 16-foot by 6-foot rectangle using 2-foot by 2-foot boxes to demonstrate safety messaging and tool placement notices, such as PIT parking, pedestrian walkways, red tag stations, and other floor signs to Amazon standards. While the original kit is manufactured to meet specific requirements, custom offers are available.

A Safety School Kit works best when it is tailored to your location’s visual cues and facility guidelines. For custom Safety School Kit options, contact our Floor Marking Specialists at 1-866-284-1541; we can create an educational floor marking kit to suit your needs when you share your location’s safety specifications.

How Do You Install a 5S Safety School Kit?

The visual cues included in the 5S Safety School Kit are most effective when installed at entry points and in areas leading to busy warehouses or production floors. This placement allows employees to see the visual cues right away, providing a reminder for any safety notices and messaging they may encounter within the facility.

Unlike adhesive-backed floor signs, the 5S Saftey School Kit is applied using Superior Mark® floor marking tape, which is printed and pre-cut for easy application. Because each part of the kit is made with our patented beveled edge tape, the long edges are designed to withstand heavy wear and tear. Another benefit is that individual floor tape strips can be removed and replaced as necessary, preventing the need for full floor sign replacement—saving supplies, budget, and time. As with the rest of our Superior Mark® products, the graphics and text are printed inside the thermally bonded tape, producing messages that last longer than tape manufactured with multiple layers.

Steps for Proper Installation

  1. Clean the installation area thoroughly. Refer to our Floor Marking Tape Installation Guide for full cleaning procedure requirements.
  2. To install your 5S Safety School kit, first locate the pre-cut, numbered strips of Superior Mark® floor marking tape. With backing still in place, lay out the full kit to ensure you have the space necessary to install, and to verify the placement for all pieces. Mark your intended application area.
  3. Begin the application process with the outside box, peeling the backing and applying the strips to create the large rectangle in which you will apply all other floor marking cues. Apply the top long edge, then line up and apply the short edges. Finish the box by applying the long bottom strip.
  4. After the outside box is applied, move to the interior cues. The interior markings are composed of five strips of tape each, which should be carefully lined up as they are applied.
  5. After applying the kit, tamp the whole area to activate the adhesive. The area may be opened to traffic immediately.

Combine the long-lasting quality of Superior Mark® with the benefits of repetition to create a safer industrial facility. Contact a Floor Marking Specialist at 1-866-284-1541 to learn more or create your own custom Safety School Kit. For more industrial safety tips, explore our blog.