Floor marking signs can be custom-printed and die-cut to produce any shape or size, but this cutting process creates a straight edge that can be damaged by dragged palettes, forklifts, or other industrial traffic. When it comes to facility-specific signage, a patented protective device¹ can improve floor sign performance and longevity—and it can be applied in moments.

Ensure Proper Application

Our floor signs are backed with durable adhesive, but an improper application can reduce longevity. For the best results, always ensure floor signs are applied to clean, dry floors. After the sign is in place, tamp it to activate the adhesive fully. When applied in low-traffic areas or out of range of pallets and machinery, floor marking signs perform well, remaining in place through foot traffic, regular cleaning, and exposure to moisture, sunlight, heat, and cold. But, for areas that need added protection, beveled edge sign protectors keep the edges in great condition, extending signage lifespan and minimizing the need for regular repair.

What Causes Floor Sign Damage?

Some of the top factors in premature floor sign damage include improper application, unsuitable conditions, and heavy traffic. When applying floor markings, prepare the floor first: Sweep away debris, clean any oil, grease, or other residue using at least 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, and allow the area to dry fully before installation. The adhesive may not perform as intended if the sign is applied to a damp floor.

When ready to apply the floor sign:

  1. Mark the intended application area
  2. Remove the liner backing and press the sign’s adhesive at the start of the installation area
  3. Smooth the floor sign onto the surface
  4. Tamp the installation with at least three passes of 150 pounds or more—this activates the adhesive

If applying a perimeter protector, only do so after tamping the sign—and don’t forget to also tamp your beveled guard.

Beveled Edge Guards Protect Floor Signs

Pre-cut and custom floor signs have a 90-degree edge, leaving the sign susceptible to damage—but our patented edge guard is designed with beveled edges, which taper slightly to send traffic up and over the sign, preventing scraping and tearing. These perimeter protectors can be manufactured to use with any shape or size floor sign for a custom barrier that reduces edge damage caused by the force of dragged items crossing over the floor sign.

How Does a Floor Sign Protector Work?

Installing our protective barriers around your floor signs creates a sloped edge, rather than the straight 90-degree edge that you see with die-cut floor signs. With our patented floor sign protectors, you can get the same beveled edge protection for your signs that our Superior Mark® floor marking tape provides for reduced tearing and lifting, reducing damaged edges or weakened adhesive bond.

There are a variety of options available. Connecting beveled edge rings make a complete circle that can be adjusted to fit the edges of round floor signs, and we can manufacture custom beveled protectors to fit square, rectangle, octagon, or other shaped signs—in any size or shape—as well. Check out this video to see how easy it is to install a round beveled ring guard:

While our floor signs are manufactured using moisture-resistant materials and adhesives, our border protectors are designed so they can be installed with a small gap to facilitate drainage after cleaning or moisture exposure. 

Prevent high-impact force from pallet jacks or warehouse vehicles by adding protective guards to your floor signs—customizable in any shape or size. Contact our floor marking specialists for more details, or explore our Resource Center for more information about using visual cues and floor signs.

¹ https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/587154196/insite-solutions-announces-patent-obtained-for-perimeter-protective-devices-for-floor-signs