Whether you are running an auto body shop, a concert venue, recreation center, museum, or community pool, keeping visitors safe is your responsibility. Improving your facility safety with professional signage is a great start; these communication tools are easier to read than DIY posters, and convey safety messages in an official tone. We offer a variety of solutions, from pavement markings to floor signs that provide clear, concise visual cues indoors and out. Use our ideas below to install facility signage to communicate rules and improve visitor health, safety, and navigation.

Health & Safety Signage for Businesses

Choose signage to communicate health and safety notices and requirements in shopping centers, banks, event facilities, or other businesses to protect the public from illness and injury. Our easy-to-use solutions do not require time-consuming installation or dry times, and the lasting, durable material is easy to maintain. If processes change, our signs and floor marking tape can be removed cleanly, without leaving behind residue or damage.

General Hygeine Signs for Restrooms and Beyond

Posting health and safety signs and posters for employees and patrons can improve compliance with hygiene recommendations such as handwashing, preventing illnesses among your workforce and visitors. Add noticeable handwashing signs to polished or concrete flooring in front of sinks or the exits in public restrooms for convenient reminders. Wall posters hung in clear view of handwashing stations in customer-facing areas, such as a deli or bakery counter, reassure patrons and emphasize requirements to employees.

For personalized communications that can be updated in a snap, install adhesive-backed floor signs with your custom messaging. The removable floor markings can be updated anytime to communicate new health protocols or relay prohibited actions (i.e. do not flush items or no-sharp disposal) to prevent contamination or mishandling.

Signage for Safety Equipment Requirements

Improved communications for personal safety equipment at sports facilities, ball fields, and practice gyms can prevent accidents and injuries. Make sure requirements aren’t missed or overlooked by posting large, highly visible safety floor signs directly in entrances, walkways, and near seating. Create custom signs to note: Helmets Required, Goggles Required, No Open Shoes, or any directive to alert visitors to safe attire and help staff with rule enforcement. Choose the best floor sign material for your environment to make sure your messages last.

Crowd Control Floor Markings

Boost safety for everyone with physical and visual barriers, for example, to prevent guests from entering employee-only areas, or to keep spectators and players separate. There are numerous effective crowd control methods, including stanchions and rope or other physical barriers and visual outlines created with floor marking tape. Select from warning stripes, bright solid colors, or repeating messages to visually separate groups, or create custom-printed tape with custom text, such as, Helmets Required, Watch for Foul Balls, No Unauthrorized Access, or Staff Only, to provide another layer of protection.

Directional Cues for Safe Navigation

Organizing entry points for job fairs, theater productions, or at customer service counters can create order and result in positive guest experiences and improved safety. Crowd control barriers, directional signage, and floor tape for events can prevent visitors from accidentally entering restricted areas.

Queue Line Signage & Barriers

Our queue line signs with custom text alert patrons to check-in requirements and streamline processes. These clear communications prevent visitors from wandering into restricted areas. Choose Superior Mark® material for hard floors or carpet floor tape with hook-and-loop backing for application on low-pile carpet—these options are designed to create clear visual cues, without introducing trip hazards or leaving behind damage when removed. Physical barriers, such as crowd control stanchions and chains, also add a layer of protection and encourage orderly queuing.

Shaped Floor Markers

Implement navigational cues via floor markers to guide visitors to a desired area and keep them out of harm’s way. Color-code your markers or choose an arrow or footprint shape for visual cues that provide context. If your shop area flows into your storefront, use footprints to demonstrate safe walkways or to indicate where customers should stand to avoid dangerous equipment or risky situations. Similar cues can be used in tandem with existing emergency markings too. Exit arrow signs are easily understood at a glance, helping create clear expectations for emergency exit procedures. First aid floor signs featuring recognizable symbols allow visitors and staff to locate the needed supplies quickly.

Virtual Signage for Large Spaces

Using virtual lines and signs in sporting arenas and large event spaces can effectively convey navigational or safety messaging to visitors. Our Gobo discs can be created with custom images, logos, and text to provide safety alerts, restrict access, or redirect foot traffic. Line projectors at trade shows or events can create pedestrian lanes that prevent collisions and keep people from walking away from the crowd. Install projectors nearly anywhere to cast easily changeable messages on floors, walls, or other surfaces.

Traffic & Pedestrian Crossing Signs for Public Lots

Targeted pavement markings alleviate congestion and confusion to improve visitor safety in your parking lot. Our pavement signs adhere to concrete or asphalt, and are available in three grades: removable, durable, and extended. Choose full-color marking options that offer outstanding visibility.

Stenciling your parking lot is another solution, and our heavy-duty forms can be used multiple times for cost-effective parking area marking. Select a variety of arrows, words/phrases, and symbols to reserve parking spaces, direct traffic, and designate pedestrian crossings.

Provide visitors a clearly marked path to your facility when you create visible crosswalk signs and pedestrian lanes using pavement tape, which is available in four bold colors with a reflective finish that puts drivers on high alert. Provide further instructional cues when you employ traffic control tools, such as speed bumps, reflectors, and cones to redirect motorists and prevent accidents.

Safety Signs to Enforce Facility Rules

Posted rules help staff members enforce safety guidelines and let visitors know what actions are tolerated or prohibited. While signage at a building’s entrance is helpful for setting immediate expectations, placing additional markings throughout your facility reinforces the rules where it is most effective. 

For outdoor spaces such as a pool deck, tennis court, or archery range, use safety stencils to clearly communicate rules such as no diving, no smoking, or other prohibited actions. For indoor spaces, custom signs spell out guidelines to protect the public from injury—and your equipment or facility from damage.

Design floor signs in any color, size, shape, or style to display rules, disclaimers, business hours, contact information, or equipment locations. For access restrictions in offices, auto shops, storage locations, or break rooms, floor marking tapes can create a visual barrier at entrances or perimeters. The stripes provide a clear warning, and custom text can be added to relay messages that won’t be misinterpreted, including Employees Only, No Visitors Beyond This Point, or Sign-In Required for Access.

Whether you run a public facility, specialize in events, or need to improve safety in industrial environments, our signage and floor tape options provide solutions you need to keep visitors and employees safe in any environment. Find more ideas for visual cues and communications, visit our Resource Center.