Temporary floor marking tape can help improve organization and set-up for events, whether hosted at a permanent facility or at a conference center, auditorium, or another meeting venue. With adhesive-backed tape for smooth surfaces, hook-and-loop tape for carpeted locations, and specialty tape such as reflective, glow-in-the-dark, or freezer-rated floor marking tape, there are plenty of options to suit a variety of event floor marking needs. Explore these solutions for how to use floor marking tape for events.

Create Order at Trade Shows

Damage is a concern when marking the floors, walls, or doors of rented event venues. Painters tape, masking tape, and duct tape can leave behind residue, may damage finishes or paint, and aren’t likely to withstand much foot traffic. Instead, choose removable floor tape that is designed to adhere well, and remove easily without causing damage. Explore these suggestions for using industrial floor tape for trade shows and other events:

  • Design a layout that works: Use a grid created with floor marking tape to map vendor spaces for easier set-up. To reduce floor tape use, mark corners with smaller strips or choose pre-cut dashes or corner markers instead.
  • Focus on crowd control: Streamline entry points, make registration easy to find, and keep traffic flowing smoothly with events floor marking tape that offers clear instructions, notices, or location information.
  • Improve navigation for visitors: Complement the venue map with floor markings and signage to highlight any necessary directional cues or provide assistance finding specific areas using floor markings that provide messages with text and graphics.
  • Use color-coded instructions: Help visitors find their way to specific locations, such as check-in, lounge areas, or vendor booths by industry using color-coded floor marking tape paired with signage. For example, all green signage and tape brings attendees to break areas, food or coffee service locations, or networking spaces, while all blue signage and tape designate directions to wings housing vendor booths.

floor tape rolls on floor

Provide Temporary Instructions With Removable Floor Tape

Lines aren’t your only option: Consider visual cues such as footprints, arrows, and dashes to make requirements easy to spot and understand. Create an orderly line with dashes to designate an appropriate distance between visitors. Footprints and arrows are clear cues that can help people navigate based on simple instructions, such as “follow the orange footprints” or “watch for the purple arrows.” Share the expectations at the registration table, include reminders on signage, and provide additional instructions during housekeeping remarks at the start of the event, and attendees will catch on quickly, leading to fewer people asking for directions or instructions. When the event is done, or if the needs change throughout the event’s timeline, you can quickly remove, replace, or reposition the floor markings to suit.

Hook-and-Loop Backed Tape Offers Visual Cues on Carpets

Hotel lobby floors, conference spaces, and other carpeted floors are challenging when it comes to clear floor markings. Adhesive-backed tape peels away or leaves behind residue. Our Superior Mark® carpet tape is designed with a grippy hook-and-loop backing that grips low-pile carpet, holds fast through foot traffic, carts, and vacuum cleaners, then peels away when the event is over. It’s reusable, too: Roll it neatly and tuck it away for the next event to save time and trim the budget.

Gaffer Tape Is Perfect for Staging

Events require extensive set-up: Vendor booths, chairs or tables for seating, registration tables, refreshments tables, round table seating, discussion panel podiums, and more—there are so many moving parts. When the layout may change from day to day, things become even more complicated. Gaffer tape, the theater community’s most valuable tool, can be a time-saver. Measure and mark spaces for vendor booths or seating so it’s easy for the crew to set up the day of the event quickly. Choose a color for each day so tables, seating, displays, or features can be swapped before the doors open again. The tape is made with a removable adhesive, so it remains in place while you need it, then comes away without damaging floors, paint, or finishes. Camouflaged options make it easy for staff to spot the markings, without drawing the attention of visitors.

Create Custom Messaging With Text and Graphics

From high school or college sporting events to improving safety at other local venues, custom floor tape can bring team spirit to directional cues, special instructions, or safety information. Pair a graphic of the team mascot with text to provide instructions for where lines begin, directions to the restroom or concessions, or non-slip tape with “Watch Your Step” notices for bleachers.

If you manage a rental space that requires a re-set after use, custom floor signs may be an ideal solution for creating a map of required placement locations: A floor sign or tape with custom text may designate table and chair storage space, placement of trash and recycling cans, reminders to return furniture to specific locations, or preferred equipment placement.

Temporary floor markings, from dashes, dots, and lines to signs and shapes, can improve navigation, share important information, and improve an event attendee’s overall experience. Consider your needs, then explore our Resource Center for further tips on how to create your own floor marking strategy.