Magnetic and sticker warehouse rack labels and label protectors improve the lifespan of your organizational methods and increase productivity and employee safety. Mislabeled locations and misplaced equipment or products can lead to errors, order delays, and improper handling. Updated visual cues help improve facility organization and inventory management to prevent confusion and unsatisfied customers. See how to choose industrial labels for racks, floors, and shelves, and review our tips for labeling your shop floor to reduce mistakes and inefficiencies.

Types of Labels to Organize a Warehouse

Clearly—and correctly—marking bin and rack locations with labels is a critical step in achieving a well-run warehouse, distribution center, or factory. When your inventory, supplies, finished goods, and equipment locations are labeled, items are easier to find and production isn’t delayed due to missing components. Industrial labels can have many useful purposes, but most often they serve these functions:

  • Location labels on floors or shelves provide precise bay or bin coordinates
  • Inventory labels communicate various item details, like SKUs, descriptions, and lot numbers
  • Identification labels attach to a pallet or container to provide product information or counts
  • 5S labels mark storage locations for components and supplies 

How to Choose Warehouse Rack and Floor Labels

Determining which labels to use in your warehouse rack labeling system is a key step to getting the functionality you need. Though not regulated by OSHA, selecting the right rack labels is just as important for your shop floor’s flow as choosing floor markings and safety signs. These aren’t one-size-fits-all tools, so remember to weigh these factors: 

  • Racking or flooring and surface type
  • Warehouse environment (hot, cold, wet, etc.)
  • Rack/shelf size and label size
  • Removable magnetic labels or permanent sticker adhesive
  • Pre-printed information or handwritten

Durable Warehouse Floor Labels

Busy industrial environments need tough labels, that’s why we designed warehouse labels made from our flagship patented Superior Mark® floor tape.  The labels made from Superior Mark® floor tape are some of the most durable on the market thanks to beveled edges, recessed adhesive, and thick, 32 ml material. These aisle labels and bin markers aren’t easily rubbed off, scraped, or scuffed once in place, and can even be made as custom industrial labels if you need QR codes, scannable barcodes, or specific messages to better organize and automate processes. Select from 2- or 4-inch widths and a variety of colors to suit your facility’s processes.

Industrial Labels for Shelves

When updating shelf organization in lightly trafficked areas, blank adhesive safety labels are a cost-effective solution. The open-ended format allows you to create hand-written inventory labels that can include other helpful details, such as handling or care information. Labeling supply shelves for personal protective equipment, cleaning sprays, and even paperwork or forms can help strengthen 5S methods and give everything a defined storage location. Lighter-duty areas like shelving do not require a solution as robust as Superior Mark®, but if you find reinforcement is needed, label protectors can be easily added. 

Magnetic Rack Labels

Magnetic warehouse labels are more heavy-duty than stickers and can hold up better in extreme warehouse conditions, including hot or cold temperatures, moisture-rich environments, and areas with high dust or dirt accumulation. There are multiple size options for these labels to achieve the visibility and functionality you need. Our magnetic pallet rack labels are designed to be written on to include any relevant details that aid in organizing and identifying materials. With removable magnet labels, you have more flexibility for changing inventory locations without peeling off stickers or dealing with adhesive residue. 

How to Maintain Rack Labeling Systems

If rack labels are falling off, scuffed, or unreadable, warehouse organization will suffer. Assuming you’ve chosen the correct label styles for the environment, extend the labels’ lifespans by applying clear label protectors. These transparent label protectors can be applied easily over existing markings on warehouse floors, shelves, and racks to keep your labels in good condition.

Our Superior Mark® clear label protectors feature the same beveled edges as our heavy-duty floor tapes. This patented design provides extra durability in demanding industrial environments by directing forklift forks, machine tires, carts, and pallets up and over markings, preventing catching, tearing, and other damage. Because label and floor sign protectors are easy to add to existing visual cues, you can enjoy the lasting benefits that beveled-edge technology provides rather than constantly replacing and touching up your organizational systems and safety messages.

Best Ways to Use Labels to Improve Warehouse Organization

Our labels and protector products have helped many businesses create lasting organizational systems and stay productive. Whether you are creating a visual workplace, introducing 5S methods, or just need to improve efficiencies, warehouse labels can be the simple solutions you’re looking for.

Shelf Labels Reinforce 5S Organization

A clean, organized warehouse can prevent accidents and wasted time, and as a result, improve productivity. One way to achieve this is to implement 5S plus Safety methodologies and make them stick with proper labeling systems. 5S labels give everything in your facility a place to be sorted or stored, allowing workers to quickly find what they need without hunting for misplaced components. Whether you use sticker labels on shelves or 5S floor markers, clear location markings encourage employees to put items away in the correct places to maintain order and make low inventories obvious before supplies run out of stock and cause delays. 

Rack & Container Labels Reduce Mistakes

Clear, informative warehouse labels provide context for items on your receiving dock, inventory locations, and outgoing shipments, and allow employees to double-check their work at a glance. Reducing rework and errors prevents backups in your processes and can improve customer satisfaction. Here are updates to help improve accuracy in distribution centers and warehouses: 

  • Mark incoming cases with ID labels upon receipt so inventory tracking and movements begin immediately and product counts remain accurate.
  • Color-code shelf labels to indicate who on your team should access the product or raw goods stored there to reduce confusion and second-guessing.
  • Use one label color to indicate cases and another to mark single units to reduce counting errors and visually show low stock.
  • Add labels to locations that require special handling can keep employees safe and prevent damaged inventory or accidents.
  • Implement custom industrial labels with barcodes and RFIDs to eliminate manual errors and provide real-time inventory management.

Magnetic Warehouse Labels Assist in Layout Updates

A well-planned, organized warehouse can boost productivity by reducing wasted movement and back-tracking and preventing congestion so everyone can work safely and efficiently. If you are streamlining your picking processes, removable shelf and bin labels are invaluable tools for honing the layout. Magnetic labels are easy to apply and remove so you can swap inventory locations without worrying about leftover sticker residue or how to cover old markings. Now, you can reorganize as often as you need to continuously improve your methods and match your business’ seasonality or product cycles.

Organizing your warehouse isn’t an overnight process, but having the right labels to support your organizational systems is a good first step to lasting improvements. If you aren’t finding the solutions you’re looking for, contact us and our expert staff will help you customize visual cues for your needs. Visit our Resource Center for a roundup of safety and organizational information and tips.