Custom-printed floor signs are versatile tools for retailers to attract customers, build brand recognition, guide foot traffic, and organize stock. While you’re likely familiar with window decals and digital signage many storefronts display, custom-printed floor signs and tape put your logo and promotional messages directly in shoppers’ paths.

When improving navigation or building awareness of sales and promotions, floor decals share messages without taking up valuable physical space like upright signs and banners. Retail spaces, banks and financial institutions, car dealerships, and supermarkets can influence customer behavior and help earn repeat business using floor signs or tape, and our hook and loop floor tape supports custom messages on carpeted surfaces.

Our custom floor signs for industrial facilities help improve safety, organization, and efficiency, but they can also be used outside of manufacturing locations and warehouses to great success. Here are five ways custom floor signs can help influence customers, aid navigation, and communicate information and promotions.

1. Improve Brand Recognition

Floor signs at the entrance of the mall or outside the storefront extend an introduction to new customer and support brand awareness, which can help improve customer acquisition and retention. Visual identity—logo, brand colors, typography, and even store layout—creates a sense of comfort and familiarity, helping retain existing customers and earning new ones. Custom printing shows off your personality, logo, or brand in a way generic signage can’t: Visually striking, branded signage creates a lasting impression, helping people remember your store and influencing them to become customers.

2. Promote Products and Sales

High-traffic areas are ideal spaces to advertise special events or sales, and placing promotional floor decals throughout a mall or within your store puts your message in the immediate vicinity of your target audience. Our floor signs are designed to hold up to heavy traffic from pedestrians, carts, and strollers so marketing messages last. And, because these decals aren’t permanent, you can list a specific store section, sale term, or event dates and remove the signage easily when the period is over. Drum up excitement over a new product by creating a trail using arrow-shaped floor markers and custom signs, or creating a series of enticing floor markings that lead shoppers to a specialty display.

3. Guide Shoppers With Directional Signs

Because many shoppers tend to look down as they travel through busy mall corridors or store walkways, signs on the floors are effective navigational aids. Easy-to-follow signage directing customers to their intended department or a cashier station creates a positive shopping experience, which encourages repeat business. Wayfinding floor signs for check-out, restrooms, or changing rooms can be simple—graphics paired with text is all you need.

Temporary signage is an essential tool for busy areas. Create buzz and improve logistics for public events, like a visit from Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, with floor signs and coordinating custom-printed banners that boost the event’s can’t-miss vibes. Use floor tape to organize the meet-and-greet lines so they are orderly and display signs pairing text and graphics to distinguish these guests from the cashier’s queue. 

For shopping plazas, customized pavement marking signs provide directional cues and promotional messages in outdoor parking lots, and shapes like footprints and arrows direct foot traffic to your storefront.

4. Divide and Organize the Retail Floor

Floor markers can help designate sections in retail locations during reorganization projects or while staging planograms or new retail displays—and are especially helpful if contract workers will be assembling and positioning the racking. Once everything is in place, simply peel the tape up and open the area for business. Organizers of holiday markets and seasonal shops in mall rotundas or corridors can use floor tape to cordon off kiosk locations. If a location is off-limits to shoppers, use a custom message on floor tape or signs to alert customers that the perimeter should not be crossed.

Labeling specific semi-permanent display areas with custom messaging helps ensure shelving, spinner racks, or bookcases move back where they belong after an in-depth cleaning—and the floor tape remains in place even through cleaning processes using chemicals or machines. Because it removes without leaving behind residue, dashed or solid lines and pre-cut Ts and Ls are preferred to mark installation areas when planning new shelving units, displays, or tables.

Another option for staging store displays is gaffer tape, which is flexible and durable—and because it’s designed for use during stage or film productions, a wide range of colors, including options in custom prints to camouflage against your flooring, are available.

5. Streamline Internal Processes With Visual Cues

Our floor tape and signs are available for polished and concrete floors, and hook and loop backed tape adheres to carpeting without damaging it, so our products can accommodate nearly any retail space. Custom printed graphics, text, or symbols create visual cues to provide valuable information on stockroom floors, including “Do Not Block” and other required messaging to comply with fire and safety code, and reminders for where overstock or pre-sale items should be stored for better organization.

Designate racking in stockrooms by departments, seasons, or special events to improve restocking processes or locating special orders, and improve inventory management systems by making it easy to see which stock needs to be re-ordered at a glace. For brick-and-mortar stores that offer in-store pick-up or curbside service, having a dedicated, labeled area in the back room for holding orders can improve response time for better customer service. Similarly, delivery areas can include signage to display drop-off information, complete with your store’s logo, which allows couriers to find the right location quickly and easily. 

Generic, one-size-fits-all floor signs won’t get your customers’ attention as effectively as attractive, branded signs. No matter the location, our custom floor signs can support organization processes and safety improvement—explore our Resource Center for more tips.