Floor marking tape and signs improve visual communication in industrial facilities, but sometimes pre-printed messages aren’t enough. We can create custom floor signs to suit any facility’s messaging needs, from directional cues and safety information to special instructions for visitors or PPE use. Explore these five ideas for ways custom floor signs can improve communication in manufacturing, warehouses, and municipal buildings.

1) Mark Storage Space for Location-Specific Items

While pallet markers, pre-cut floor marking kits, and general-purpose signs cover most of the bases, you may find that your facility has specific storage needs that aren’t adequately met by pre-printed floor marking signs.

  • Parking spots may be numbered via floor marking signs that correspond with forklifts bearing the matching number.
  • A specific waste item may be disposed of in a designated location, and custom floor markings may be paired with a label on the receptacle to encourage proper disposal or outline instructions.
  • Efficiency may be improved when storage locations are marked with a graphic to represent where an item, tool, or vehicle belongs, with or without text.

four circular floor signs

2) Reminders for Specific PPE Requirements

If you need to provide visual reminders for personal protective equipment beyond the use of hard hats, gloves, and ear protection, custom-printed floor signs are an easy-to-understand option. Remind employees and visitors that masks, face shields, or gloves are required, designate areas where specific footwear must be worn, or give notice for spaces where protective aprons or suits are necessary.

Alternately, if for example, wearing noise-canceling headphones may put an employee at risk because they cannot hear approaching machinery, signage may be used to indicate these site-specific hazards. Specialty floor signs provide additional information based on a location’s requirements, so you can ensure your staff has all of the necessary information to reduce accidents and injuries and work more efficiently.

3) Streamline Sorting or Shipping Procedures

Each warehouse has specific needs when it comes to managing stock, and while some processes are standard, facilities may need to provide visual instructions for better organization and safety. Whether clarifying picking methods or managing stock overflow, some custom messaging may improve overall warehouse performance.

  • Marking specific lanes for designated destinations may reduce bottlenecks and improve traffic flow.
  • Labeling pallet spaces based on load order, type, or other defining factor may make it easier for warehouse employees to quickly identify and load required goods.
  • Areas with heavy forklift traffic may benefit from reminders beyond standard floor marking signs to provide instructions for traveled lanes, safety requirements, or to bring attention to intersections or pedestrian zones.

4) Provide Multi-Lingual Instructions

stop arret alto floor stop signIn locations where multiple languages are spoken—either by permanent employees, temporary staff, delivery personnel, or visitors—providing clear instructions is equally important. To ensure messages are doing their jobs, consider including bi-lingual signage where appropriate. While graphics paired with text can improve understanding and reaction time, including instructions in any languages spoken in your facility can improve communication, reduce accidents, and prevent injuries or death. Including multiple languages on your floor signs is one way to improve overall safety culture and encourage compliance with any regulations in place.

5) Create Visual Cues to Improve Overall Safety

When implementing changes in response to a failed audit or to test accident prevention measures, custom-printed floor signs can provide specific messaging related to the location’s needs. Custom floor signs may be used to bring attention to:

  • Slip, trip, and fall hazards or common accident locations—and what steps to take to avoid injury
  • Instructions for traffic flow changes, prior to and after the updates have been implemented
  • Temporary alterations to processes, such as one-way traffic or detour locations
  • New procedures being tested prior to full-facility roll-out to remind employees of the updated procedures for better success
  • Updated workflow steps and directions as reinforcement via visual cues can help improve memory retention

No matter the messaging you use, always ensure your floor signs are easy to read and comply with any designated color standards or safety requirements. For example, contrasting colors make it easier to read the text, and specific sized text may be necessary to ensure employees can read signs from a distance. Some colors may be reserved for specific messaging, such as red to indicate fire hazards or fire safety. Always consult existing regulations and facility standards before applying custom floor signs to ensure messaging is helpful—rather than confusing.

While safety requirements overlap from facility to facility, some location-specific needs may not be met by available pre-printed floor marking tape or sign options. Instead, consider the floor markings and messages that will work best for your needs—we’re happy to work with you to create the custom floor signs, labels, and banners to suit your needs.