Rolando Diaz is a busy man.

As the Division Chief of Food Recovery and Distribution for the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle in Wake County, getting perishable food from donors to waiting food banks and into the hands of hungry North Carolinians is his top priority. He and his crew can’t be bogged down with tasks and maintenance that are excessively time consuming and costly – like painting floor lines.

When he recently saw he and his crew were going to have to repaint a sanitation line around the interior perimeter of their 3,600-square-foot warehouse for the fourth time in a year, he decided he had to find a better solution. He started researching and found had warehouse floor tape that would meet his requirements.

“We were looking for some tape that was at least 18” wide. It’s a food storage standard to keep food and food storage shelves at least 18” away from the perimeter wall of the building] we have to follow and it’s very time consuming to paint that,” Diaz said.

Instead of more painting, an industrial strength adhesive floor tape was the answer to Diaz’s problems. He was able to quickly order and receive’s warehouse floor tape and get it installed fast.

He said he is excited to try the floor tape and believes this could be the answer to his problem of having to continuously paint. “I’m very happy to find a product that keeps us doing our jobs – our important work – and not using time to paint, and paint and paint,” Diaz said.

Another client who has used our warehouse floor tape is Todd Echtenkamp in Memphis. Echtenkamp manages a 40,000 square-foot Kellogg’s food storage warehouse and he also recently converted from painting a sanitation line around the interior perimeter of the building to using’s warehouse floor tape.

“It was hard to keep the 18”-wide painted line clean and intact so we decided to try the tape,” said Echtenkamp. “So far the tape is holding out better than the paint.”

The food storage requirements Diaz and Echtenkamp adhere to in their facilities are international regulations mandated by AIB International Consolidated Standards for Inspection for Food Distribution standards. The rule states that food storage shall not be closer than 18” from the perimeter of a wall and the use of white paint or tape on this perimeter helps warehouse managers keep aware of pest issues that need to be addressed.

Some of the advantages of using Stop-Painting’s warehouse floor tape or the more specialized patented Superior Mark™ tape products include:

  • Allows for continuous improvement in workplace layout.
  • Less time and labor for installation.
  • No costly shutdown of the floor during installation.
  • No damage to the floor from aggressive surface prep.
  • Easy touch-ups when company dignitaries visit.
  • Easy color-coding (which is important for Lean and 5S).

Make sure your work facility is compliant. Using warehouse floor tape is a better solution than painting and keeps your productivity level high with less time needed for application.