When it comes to floor marking tape, durable Econo Mark Vinyl Floor Tape can meet many needs throughout warehouses, industrial facilities, and commercial locations—at a lower price point. Vinyl floor marking tape in vibrant colors—including striped and checkered varieties—is an economical option for areas with less foot traffic and minimal forklift or vehicular traffic. Here are our top tips for choosing and using vinyl floor marking tape.

1) Purchase Floor Tape in Bulk to Save

Keep budgets in check when you purchase bulk economy floor marking tape in cases of 10 or 12 rolls. Choose from widths between two and six inches, and find a variety of colors. We carry plenty of highly visible options, from solid to striped to checkered, to meet your needs and match your location’s color standards. Keeping plenty of tape on-hand means you’re prepared to make repairs as needed, no waiting or re-ordering necessary.

applying vinyl floor marking tape

2) Create Visual Cues in Low-Contact Areas

This cheaper vinyl floor tape is ideal for communicating in less-trafficked areas throughout your warehouse or industrial facility. While our Superior Mark® floor tape is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic from pedestrians, forklifts, and other vehicles, our low-cost vinyl floor tape adheres well to floors, walls, railings, and edges in areas where the strongest tape isn’t necessary.

Some top uses for inexpensive floor marking tape include:

  • Marking borders, aisles, and edges in bright, eye-catching colors
  • Providing directional cues on walls
  • Bringing attention to low-hanging objects or structures and barricades
  • Pairing with footprints or instructional signage to improve pedestrian navigation
  • Creating designated work areas and boundaries
  • Organizing countertops and work surfaces
  • Indicating spaces for machinery or storage

3) Follow Application Instructions for a Long-Lasting Stick

Apply vinyl floor marking tape to clean, dry floors for best results. Evaluate the amount of traffic and activity in your intended application area to ensure you’ve chosen the appropriate tape—our Econo Mark floor tape is durable enough for use in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other commercial or industrial locations if installed and maintained according to instructions.

Basic floor tape care instructions include:

  • Before installing, test application, durability, and removal with a tape sample kit
  • Choose the appropriate line of floor tape for best results: Econo Mark is intended for low foot traffic areas
  • Always clean away dirt, debris, and grease prior to application
  • Ensure the floor is completely dry before applying your floor markings
  • Use butt splices rather than overlapping tape where lines meet or cross
  • Never apply over seams or damaged flooring; leave space on either side of the seam or crack to create a reliable adhesive bond
  • Tamp application with a minimum of a 150-pound load to finish installation

4) Repair Sections as Needed, Without Full Reapplication

Our economy floor marking tape resists wear, abrasion, and solvents, so you can clean and carry on with business as usual. Extend the life of your Econo Mark Vinyl Floor Tape application by installing it in lower-traffic areas—Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape is intended for use in locations with forklift or other vehicular traffic—and audit tape condition regularly. When signs of wear become apparent, remove damaged sections and replace to prevent continued deterioration. This saves time and money since there’s no need to replace the entire application.

5) Remove All Unnecessary Tape for Clear Visual Communication

Don’t send mixed messages: When traffic flow or instructions change, update your floor markings accordingly. Completely remove all old lines, signs, paint, and markings before creating updated visual cues. Unlike cheap, low-quality tape options that tear off in small bits or leave gummy adhesive behind, this durable floor marking tape lifts in one piece for clean, no residue, damage-free removal—no time-consuming scraping or harsh chemicals required.

Econo Mark or Superior Mark® Floor Tape: How to Choose

Is our economy line of floor marking tape durable enough to stand up to use in your intended application areas? Compare our products, use a free sample kit to test wear under specific use, and choose the best floor marking tape option for your location.

Econo Mark

Superior Mark®
Low-traffic locations


Directional cues


Short-term markings


Yes, but Econo Mark is less expensive for short term use
Handrails, piping, posts X X
Walls, stairways, beams X X
Pedestrian-only traffic X X
Low forklift traffic X X
Work area organization X X
Marking boundaries X X
Custom-printed text/graphics X
Freezer/0 degrees F Freezer options available
Outdoor use Options available
Heavy forklift traffic X
Loading dock floors X
Pallet dragging X

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road vinyl floor tape option, consider our Last Mark™ Floor Tape. This vinyl-coated polyester economy floor tape is tear-resistant, sticks well thanks to a reinforced adhesive, is more durable than our cheapest tape option, and may be the ideal option for your location.

Keep your floor markings within budget with our cheaper, durable Econo Mark Vinyl Floor Marking Tape. It’s ideal for lower traffic areas, and for marking non-traffic surfaces like walls, railings, and shelving. For floor marking how-tos, tips, and information, visit our Resource Center.