As a commercial property owner, you expect your rental locations to be restored to their original condition at the end of each lease. But, when tenants add promotional floor signs, aisle markers, or other visuals, your carpets, flooring tiles, and concrete are often left with sticky, messy adhesive residue. Similarly, restoring painted parking lot or warehouse floors is expensive and time-consuming. Allowing flexibility for tenants to apply parking lot lines, signage, and visual cues adds value to your rental agreement—so to avoid property damage, suggest facility managers use removable floor signs and tape. This compromise allows your tenant to install durable temporary signage that removes easily, without leaving a trace.

Avoid time-consuming paint removal by encouraging tenants to apply adhesive-backed floor marking tape instead of painting lines and signs

Temporary Marking Options for Rental Stockrooms & Inventory Areas

Stockrooms or warehouse storage areas must include visual cues and warnings to comply with OSHA standards. Rather than painting these markings, suggest our removable floor signs for industrial locations, available in hundreds of pre-designed or custom options. These durable vinyl signs adhere well for long-term use, but can be removed anytime, with no residue left behind.

For visual cues and safety messaging that can be swapped in moments, consider installing projectors to allow your tenants the flexibility of virtual signage. Once the projector is installed, tenants can project safety information and location-specific messaging via Gobo disks, which don’t alter floor surfaces at all—even temporarily. This option is also suitable for retail locations, allowing tenants to display sales messaging or store notices.

For rental warehouse spaces, Superior Mark® floor tape is a non-permanent solution for outlining pedestrian walkways, aisles, and forklift traffic lanes. When the lease is up, the taped lines peel away without harmful chemicals or damaging tools—and no sandblasting is required, as with painted lines. Pre-cut floor marking kits, arrows, dashed lines, and T, X, and L-shaped markers, and are convenient options to meet specific warehousing needs.

Office Signs for Municipal Rental Locations & Buildings

Municipal building or commercial office tenants may desire signage to direct guests and employees. Versatile, removable carpet tape can provide visual cues in carpeted areas, without leaving behind residue that requires costly carpet cleaning or replacement. The hook-and-loop fastener-backed Superior Mark® floor tape is compatible with low-pile carpets. It won’t curl or peel up, removes easily when no longer needed, and is even reusable—unlike adhesive-backed tape. Select pre-cut arrows and footprints to show traffic direction and designate queue lines, or choose rolls of solid or striped carpet tape to outline cubicle layouts and visually separate work areas.

If tenants of municipal locations wish to install wall signage, recommend solutions that don’t require adhesives, which may peel paint, wallpaper, or finishes off the surfaces when removed. For public restrooms or break rooms, we offer hand washing reminders and other safety messages printed on self-adhesive vinyl. These temporary signs eliminate the need for tacks and tape and stay up as long as your tenant needs, even in high-traffic areas.

Seasonal & Temporary Signs for Retail Spaces

Signage, both inside and outside of the store, can provide shopper navigation assistance and promotional messaging. For promotions and store events, virtual sign projectors can display custom graphics with the flip of a switch, and non-permanent custom tape and sign options can deter tenants from making damaging alterations.

Our floor tape can be printed with a repeating message for queue lines, such as returns or in-store pick-ups. Temporary adhesive allows tenants to make quick and easy changes, with little downtime. For retailers hosting seasonal markets or events with vendor booths, adhesive-backed floor tape strips or dashed lines are flexible ways to mark perimeters. When changes are needed or the event has ended, the lines peel up in full pieces without leaving a mark.

Retail parking lots can also be updated to the tenant’s preferences using our temporary pavement tape and marking signs. The peel-and-stick application allows tenants to outline spaces, stripe loading zones, mark handicap spots, or change the exit direction without hiring a contractor for installation, and they can remove the parking lot striping to return the asphalt to its original layout when the lease is up.

Your tenants can install and remove our signs and floor marking tape without hiring a professional contractor. Additionally, our low maintenance solutions for visual cues and promotional messaging can withstand heavy traffic, including industrial floor cleaning equipment. Recommend Superior Mark® products to your tenants today. To find application tips and installation guidelines for industrial or commercial buildings, explore our Resource Center.