What seems to make parking areas organized and orderly? The lines! Without parking lot lines, parking areas would be a mess. People would park in odd directions and strange spots making efficient use of the parking area a disaster.

Stencils are a parking aid

Parking lot stencils eliminate the issue of guessing if you could squeeze into an open space. These stencils provide clear, perfect, open spots with visible lines. The lines serve as a barrier between vehicles. Without stenciled spots, imagine how many dings and scratches your vehicle may endure. Parking lots without stenciled and marked parking spaces have many more calls to the police for vehicle damage than lots with parking spot stencils.

Stencils show where you CAN’T park

Parking lot stencils not only show one where parking is allowed, they also show you where you can not park.

Some locations benefit from having reserved parking spaces. By reserving a spot for a specific driver, you don’t have to worry about the designated driver not having a parking spot when needed. Hosptials use these parking locations for doctors on call, schools use them for visitors and administrators and businesses may use them for very short-term parkers like couriers. These designated parking spots eliminate arguments between people who both assume they are in the correct spot and property managers can eliminate arguments about limited parking between residents.

Businesses that share parking can use stencils to indicate which parking spots are for their customers to use.

Handicap parking stencils are necessary

Handicap parking spaces for people with disabilities are important. Depending on the size of a parking lot, there are rules and laws that require a certain number of parking spaces to be labeled for those with disabilities. These spaces are usually closest to the entrance of a building with access to a sidewalk and ramp, as well as extra room for a wheelchair next to the vehicle.

Parking locations designated with handicap stencils as for handicapped drivers and passengers reduce the distance between the car and the entrance, making it easier and more convenient for those with disabilities to enter a building. Handicap spots make it possible for the older generation to still be able to go out and do things.

Don’t block the fire lane

Parking lot stencils also make drivers aware of a fire lane. If an area is stenciled as a fire lane (usually with lines and words saying “FIRE LANE”), you should not park in that area. Parking in the fire lane could prevent firefighters from getting as close as they possibly can to put out a fire or save a life. Also worth noting, in most places, if a fire truck is blocked by a vehicle in the fire lane or if a vehicle blocks a fire hydrant, firefighters have the right to either forcibly push your vehicle out of the way or shove a hose through the windows of your vehicle.

There are many great perks of having a well labeled parking area using stencils. Parking lot stencils provided vital visual cues about where to park, and where not to park.