Superior Mark Floor Tape is not just for facility marking. While it’s true — our Superior Mark Floor Tape is the industry’s top choice for concrete floor marking in industrial settings — we offer the same patented design in carpet tape as well. Here’s how some of our customers use it.

How to Use Carpet Tape for Sports

You can use Superior Mark Carpet Tape in classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, gyms, offices, churches, hotels and more.

Basketball courts

An Upward League church basketball program director in California tells us how they use Superior Mark Carpet Tape.  The church lays out temporary basketball courts for league play. The program director, Ken, said this:

“We have ordered 6 rolls of white 2″ and the rolls have been installed. The product works great and everyone seems very happy. We have had practices on it and the coaches are very pleased. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about using it on a sports carpet.”


Another client, Smart Playrooms, used our tape in their award-winning playroom designs.

Smart Playrooms co-founders Karri Bowen-Poole and Chris Simpson utilize our carpet tape in their play spaces and learning centers for kids. Karen Bowen-Poole said this:

“We use Superior Mark tape to either create a roadway for ride-on or vehicles that children can push or pull, and we also like to design an indoor sport court with the tape. We like how it’s easy to apply and pull up and reapply if the design needs to change.”

Tennis Courts

Another client uses our tape to offer outreach tennis programs in areas that can’t accommodate a typical tennis court. Inner City Tennis in Minneapolis tries to bring a love for the game of tennis to everyone. Erin Wheaton of Inner City Tennis said this about Superior Mark Carpet Tape:

“The carpet tape worked great for our mini tennis court lines! I am attaching a photo from our event. So glad I found your company online!”

Gym Floor

A gymnastics and dance studio in North Carolina uses our carpet tape to outline a vault runway on the gym floor, as well as to create visual cues for gymnast and dancers to locate on the gym floor. Gym manager Tessie Lancaster said this:

“We like the carpet tape because we can move it and put it where we need it as our marking needs change. One example is, for a large meet, we need the vault at the back of the gym. But during regular classes, it’s more convenient at the front of the gym. It’s an easy process to move the equipment and reposition the carpet tape.”

“We were using adhesive tape on our carpeted tumbling floor, but the tape left a terrible mess when you pulled it up. After we replaced our carpet and mats, we knew we wanted to try something different. Thanks for the samples and we will be ordering more.”

Carpet Tape versus Adhesive Tape

Our carpet tape is the most durable floor marker for use on carpet on the market. By partnering the durability and strength of our Superior Mark™ floor marking tape and a hook & loop backing, we’ve created the perfect reusable floor marking solution for any carpeted floor. The tape comes in a wide spectrum of colors and can also be customized with words and graphics.

When you use adhesive tape on carpet, it will leave a sticky residue that is hard — if not impossible — to clean up. Our carpet tape offers durability WITH the ability to pull up and reapply when layout needs change.

This tape is very popular in schools and recreation areas for marking classroom carpets and sport boundary lines. This floor marking product plays well with the kids – it’s a favorite among instructors for keeping their areas organized with floor lines while remaining extremely durable.

Get ready to have some fun!