Imagine this. You’re at work, walking at a brisk, highly caffeinated pace, on a mission to get from Point A to Point B. Maybe your head is down checking your messages on your phone, maybe it isn’t because you know better than to text while walking.

The next thing you know, bang! Someone else who is also on their own fast track to get things done, blasts through the door just as you approach it. What could be worse than getting smacked in the face, and while you’re at work at that?

You may have been more cautious if, as you approached the door, there was a big bright yellow and black door swing sign. You may have corrected your course, approached from the side instead of dead on center, and avoided that collision.

We are excited to introduce this useful solution to preventing door swing accidents to our selection of floor signs.

Caution Door Swing Sign

Caution Door Swing Sign

New Caution Door Swing Sign – For Floors!

The Caution Door Swing Floor Sign comes in four different sizes, to fit most standard doors. Made from our proprietary rubber material, these self adhesive signs are easy to install on any floor surface. Simply clean the floor, peel, and stick! We also recommend tamping for best results.

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