In the last two years, the Mars Petcare Plant  in Henderson, N.C., has undergone about $21 million worth of upgrades and renovations.

In a press release, the company says the efforts were undertaken to increase production and quality at the Henderson plant and included installing an upgraded mill and acquiring a new coating system and two new baggers. The plant produces pet food primarily for Iams and Eukanuba.

Like the Mars Petcare facility in Henderson, many companies consider implementing Lean and 5S practices while undergoing facility renovations or upgrades. These renovations typically include facility floors getting refinished and new equipment and plant – floor layout designs may be warranted. This makes it a great time to re-think old practices of painting floor markings on plant floors.

Stop-Painting sales consultant JG Nutsch says when a company is undergoing renovations, it’s a great time to rethink floor markings and other visual cues throughout a facility – specifically using floor tape instead of paint.

Nutsch recently worked with another North Carolina facility in Asheville when they were undergoing facility renovations. “I worked with the company to demonstrate how much more efficient and cost-effective using Superior Mark™ Floor Tape was in comparison to painting, as well as helping them to standardize visual cues throughout departments in the facility.”

At the Mars plant in Henderson, Ana Vaughan got in touch with Stop-Painting when the facility was seeking to implement some 5S practices to help keep the plant visually organized. Using 5S labeling and marking can help employees know where to find and return tools and equipment for faster productivity and keep employees safer by visually marking pedestrian pathways and caution locations.

“We know it’s more productive to have ‘everything in its place,’” said Vaughan, a member of the accounting department.  “The markings have been a great help to us in this area.  It leaves a clear understanding of where to walk, stop and where to place equipment.”

Vaughan also likes the ease of application Superior Mark™ Floor Tape offers. “It was easy to apply the floor tape and in all cases, the products are offering the solution we were looking for,” Vaughan said.

Thinking of adding some Lean or 5S visual cues to your facility? We can help! Whether you want to start small or standardize your safety and visual cues throughout a large facility, we’ve got the products and expertise to make it happen. Give us a call and we’ll help you get the floor tape rolling.