InSite Solutions, LLC will be at the Shingo Manufacturing Summit in Knoxville, Tenn., Sept. 19-21 as an exhibitor. InSite Solutions offers premium products to help businesses implement and continuously improve their 5S and Lean practices. Floor markings, safety signs and visual cues are an integral part of a visual workplace. InSite Solutions offers the best products in the industry to help companies achieve peak productivity.

The Shingo Manufacturing Summit brings together a panel of manufacturing leaders to provide a learning experience for mid-level managers, enabling them to make big transformations in their organizations using the principles of the Shingo Model. Smart, dedicated managers are critical for enterprise excellence. Experienced leaders serve as keynote speakers and in break-out sessions participants can join the discussion.

InSite Solutions is looking forward to networking with participants who are serious about finding ways to implement a more efficient work flow and use the best products on the market to reach their goals. And, InSite Solutions will debut its 5S online interactive game to Shingo Summit participants. This cool game is fun to play and tests your organizing skills by adhering to Lean and 5S practices. Come by our booth and see if you can beat our scores.

InSite Solutions director Cliff Lowe said the company is looking forward to introducing its products and technology to Summit participants and demonstrating how using the best products on the market can make a big difference in business bottom-lines. “As manufacturing companies seek to be more productive and compete in the global market, learning about tools to increase productivity and reduce waste is a high priority among the participants at the Shingo Summit,” Lowe said.

InSite Solutions produces Superior Mark Tape and other products at its facility in Wake Forest, N.C., and sells directly to customers via its ecommerce website,

“We sell our products directly to our customers and eliminate the cost of a middle-man to distribute our products,” said Lowe. “We get to know our clients, always provide superlative customer service and offer top-notch products we design and make ourselves.”

About the Shingo Institute Manufacturing Summit: The Shingo Institute Manufacturing Summit will be held Sept. 19-21 in Knoxville, Maryland. Over 400 participants will gather and hear keynote speeches from industry leaders like Sam MacPherson from the Lean Leadership Academy, Kenneth Snyder from the Shingo Institute and manufacturing CEOs, Dan Tracy and Karl Wadensten. Breakout sessions will be held with an even larger slate of expert speakers and industry leaders. See more about the Shingo Institute Summit here.