If your warehouse or factory floor markings and signage meet OSHA regulations, and you don’t think you need caution floor tape, you are missing opportunities for safety program improvement. Combining facility safety cues, including wall signs, barriers, and floor markings, reinforces messaging to help ensure hazards aren’t missed or ignored. Our durable, long-lasting floor tape works with new or existing signs and barricades to strengthen warnings in warehouses, production facilities, and other industrial locations.

Combine Facility Signs and Safety Floor Tape

Take a fresh look at your facility’s floor signs, tape, and barriers to identify gaps in coverage or where visuals can be expanded to improve visibility of hazards. Choose the right caution tape to meet your facility’s needs: We carry floor marking options displaying repeating messages, graphics, or highly visible colors to help bolster your signage. The bold text and clear graphics are easily understood at a glance.

Pre-printed options include visual cues for eyewash station locations, PPE requirements, or ‘keep clear’ notifications. Browse our inventory of messages to find more effective ways to indicate hazards, provide safety reminders, and aid in organization.

If you don’t find the messaging you need, create your own floor signs and caution tape using our custom floor marking tool. This allows you to use specific phrasing, colors, and icons to adequately address the risk while maintaining consistency with your other signage.

Perform Safety Audits to Improve Visual Cues

Before near-misses or injuries occur, perform safety audits to aid your continuous improvement strategies. Audits can help identify where to use caution tape to reinforce visual cues to prevent incidents.

Evaluate your work areas to see where compliance is lacking, then reinforce the messaging in these areas using the best-suited hazard tape. We offer options in black and white checkerboard, yellow and black stripes, and other highly visible color combinations to make warnings more visible, which can help improve reaction time and overall compliance. Also, review your isolation and red tag areas to ensure they are properly marked. If communication in these areas needs improvement, pre-cut kits may help to properly label equipment holding areas.

If you identify traffic management issues, create safety lanes using a contrast line tape to separate pedestrians and machines and repeating message floor markings show right-of-way rules. Additional reminder signs or footprint and arrow shapes work well with caution tape to communicate clear expectations.

Provide Extra Visuals in Challenging Locations

Uneven surfaces, vertical structures, and large areas can be a challenge to mark using only signs. Our versatile warehouse caution and hazard floor tape options can provide additional safety cues in these locations. Emphasize the slope of a ramp, dock edges, and stairs to alert pedestrians to changes in incline. Diagonal stripe tape helps to create visual boundaries: Cordon off storage or electrical panels or add perimeters around equipment for operating clearances. Reinforce requirements near factory machines or workstations using repeating message tape that lists hard hats, goggles, and other PPE needs.

Reflective Tape Highlights Hazards

Reflective tape is available in a variety of colors and styles to benefit industrial facilities inside and out. Common uses for glowing, retroreflective and reflective, and vehicle conspicuity tape include:

  • Improve the visibility of hazardous edges or changes in grade in loading docks to remind employees to proceed with caution
  • Highlight entrances and exits low-light locations
  • Accent permanent structural poles or beans to prevent collisions 
  • Mark temporary cones and stanchions to call out workflow or navigational changes
  • Add warning striping to bring attention to motorized equipment

Other Specialty Caution Tape Solutions

Making safety improvements in challenging environments may require specialty tape. Follow our floor marking rules to ensure proper application of caution tape to achieve long-lasting results. Meet the needs of your facility’s hard-to-label areas with these specialized solutions:

  • Hook-and-loop backed floor tape is designed for use on low-pile carpets
  • Freezer tape includes a specific adhesive made to adhere adequately in cold storage and entryways
  • Reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape can improve visibility in low-light areas
  • Anti-slip grit tape applied to stairways, inclines, or near entrances and loading zones can reduce slip, trip, and fall incidents

Improve Consistency of Safety Cues With Color-Coded Tape

Physical hazard markings must be color-coded per OSHA regulations¹ and ANSI guidelines. These prescribe the use of yellow for caution, orange for warning, and red for fire danger and equipment. Implementing facility-wide safety signals that follow OSHA requirements and ANSI color guidelines lends consistency and logic to your plan. We offer a variety of caution tape designs featuring stripes, checkerboard, and lines as well as pre-printed text and graphic options designed to comply with OSHA and ANSI requirements.

To improve safety in your facility, install caution tape and other visuals to streamline training, reduce confusion, and allow for comprehension at-a-glance. Our durable floor tape options are easy to install and can effectively support safety messaging in any facility. Visit our Resource Center to discover more ways to use safety signs and tape in industrial locations.

¹ https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.144