Installing industrial floor markings in factory environments helps improve overall organization and productivity while reinforcing safety measures. Production facility employees face many types of risks, including high traffic, machine hazards, heavy loads, and loud noises. Prevent injuries, accidents, and damaged goods by using visual cues to help keep your manufacturing facility organized, efficient, and safe. 

Floor Markings for Factory Organization

Organizing a workfloor means more than labeling storage areas with factory floor marking tape and signs. Visual cues can also help streamline traffic and navigation and improve overall cleanliness. Review locations with frequent production loss or contamination and safety issues, and add industrial floor markings in factory settings to reinforce the rules and improve compliance with health and safety policies.

Improve Navigation With Traffic Control Signs and Tape

Using standardized visual cues to mark traffic flow for pedestrians, automated machines, and powered industrial trucks can reduce confusion at intersections and in aisles, helping everyone get where they need faster and safer. Floor markings for traffic control are easy to recognize in busy surroundings and in heavy traffic, making these messages good options to highlight walkway boundaries and egress routes and communicate where operators must stop, yield, and honk horns. Aisle marking tape designates lanes for pedestrians, AVGs, and forklifts to separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic for improved safety. Dashes, arrows, or dot-shaped floor markers in shared passageways also help separate types of traffic and show right-of-way.

Create Safer Situations for Visitors

If your facility allows visitor tours, employees must be aware of any extra foot traffic to prevent collisions and accidents—but tour groups and other non-employee visitors must be kept from harm. Our virtual signs and lines project warnings for traffic changes, crosswalk signs, and boundary lines to keep factory operations and visitors safely separated. These full-color projections allow for text and graphics and can be custom-made to display any information you need. After a tour concludes, simply switch off the projector until the next group comes in.

Maintain Cleanliness With 5S Floor Signs

A benefit of a factory’s 5S methods is to make items in the workplace easy to find, but organized shop floors also help control pests and vermin. Factories that process food, healthcare products, and retail items can fail audits and inspections due to infestations. These factory hazards put production quotas, products, and people at risk. Use 5S floor signs to reduce clutter by labeling storage areas—from machine parking to trash cans and staging areas—to help improve overall cleanliness.

Floor Markings for Factory Health and Safety

Following safety protocols is a must for factories because the machinery can be dangerous and misuse can put employee wellbeing in jeopardy. Our industrial safety signs can reinforce rules and factory safety standards by delivering warnings where they are most effective. These cues are designed to hold up to high-demand environments so your factory floor markings stay put.

Improve Health and Hygiene Protocol Compliance With Visual Cues

Production facilities that deal with sensitive materials, food, or pharmaceuticals rely on employees to follow stringent health and hygiene protocols to prevent cross-contamination. Factory floor signs provide visual reminders of hand hygiene, health notices, and clothing requirements to improve overall 

compliance. Improve employees’ awareness of industry standards, prevent product contamination, and reduce unwanted exposure with visual cues noting:

  • Hand sanitizer and hygiene station locations
  • Handwashing reminders
  • Storage locations and rules for chemicals and cleaners
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Staging and status (i.e. clean tools, soiled equipment, finished goods)

Address Physical Hazards With Floor Tape

Assembly equipment, shrink-wrap tunnels, and conveyors are just a few areas where hazards exist in factories. Production facilities require visual cues to mark slip, trip, and fall hazards, exits, and traffic lanes, and improve safety near machinery by outlining boundaries and clearances. Consider these safety floor tape uses to make hazards easier to see and remind everyone to proceed carefully:

  • Mark ramps, stair treads, and overhead clearances with hazard tape
  • Add reflective tape to equipment and machinery used in low-light areas
  • Repeat message floor tape announces where gloves, masks, hair nets, or other PPE are required
  • Apply anti-slip tape to slippery surfaces and catwalks

Highlight Safety and Emergency Equipment

First aid equipment, fire extinguishers, and Safety Data Sheets need to be readily accessible in case of emergencies. To prevent pallets of inventory and forklifts from blocking these important areas, use our pre-cut floor kits. These visual cues mark safety equipment locations and alert everyone that storage in the area is not permitted. The tape border and matching sign are highly visible cues that help employees locate aid quickly.

Floor Markings for Improving Factory Productivity

To achieve a high level of autonomous work, you’ll need the right visual tools in place. Productivity increase when employees don’t have to stop and ask questions, backtrack to complete a task, or waste time searching for tools. Factory floor marking tape and signs are visual cues that relay information right when and where it is most valuable, resulting in more efficient work.

Create a Visual Workplace

Factory floor markings help reduce information deficits for jobs and tasks and improve efficiency. Select visual cues that relay information at a glance, like color-coded or pictorial signs and tape. A visual workplace helps reduce lag time as employees complete tasks and can reduce mistakes by providing operation steps, safety notices and warnings, and equipment labels upfront. 

Test Worksite Updates Using Temporary Visual Cues

If you aim to increase productivity by updating traffic routes, stock locations, or assembly line configurations, you’ll want to test them in advance of full implementation. These changes can improve efficiency, but if not implemented carefully, they can also introduce confusion in busy factories. Non-permanent factory floor markings can be applied during trial periods to prevent gaps in navigation and display safety information. Durable adhesive-backed signs and tape stay put in test environments and, if a process becomes permanent, the cues can remain in place. If you need to test a new traffic flow or process, simply peel the visual cues off the floor, prepare the new location, and apply the appropriate markings.

Production floor employees benefit from factory floor marking tape and signs to offer instruction, context, and safety messaging. Easy-to-understand aisle markers, hazard notices, and safety messages can improve facility safety, and keep people, processes, and traffic organized. With our versatile solutions, making safety improvements in the manufacturing industry can increase productivity and efficiency too. For more ways to use visual cues to make a difference in your factory or warehouse, visit our Resource Center.