Pre-cut floor marking kits are convenient and easy to apply, making them a simple option throughout industrial facilities. These pre-cut kits can be used for designating emergency exits, highlighting “keep clear” zones, and providing safety information. To understand how these kits work to improve safety for employees and visitors, consider common application areas, uses, and benefits of pre-cut floor markings.

Pre-Cut Floor Kits Versus Floor Marking Tape: Which Is Best?

While pre-cut kits are convenient, they can’t do it all. When it comes to choosing between floor marking tape or pre-cut kits, consider your intended application area. Will a kit allow the flexibility you need, or would rolls of pre-printed tape or custom floor markings be the better option? Chances are, you’ll need both in your location. Decide which areas are better served by full kits, and in which spaces floor marking tape will suit.

Benefits of Pre-Cut Floor Marking Kits

Floor marking tape is easy to apply, but our pre-cut kits make the application process even easier with pre-measured pieces that fit together easily—already cut to suit the specifications required by safety regulations.

Pre-cut floor marking kits are commonly used to mark:

  • Emergency exits
  • Electrical panels
  • Eye wash stations
  • First aid kits and AED locations
  • Safety information, including SDS
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Door swing area

Easy Application Means Little Downtime

Pre-cut floor markings save time, so you can apply your visual cues and re-open the area quickly, rather than measuring, marking, cutting, and lining up individual pieces of floor tape to create exit or egress markings—or cutting dozens of dashes or dots.

Superior Mark™ floor marking kits include puzzle-cut pieces that fit together snugly for a clean installation. And because reapplication is so simple, floor markings are easy to keep in good condition—simply replace sections or full applications when they’re damaged to ensure visual cues are always available.

Detailed Instructions Prevent Miscommunication

With pre-cut kits, all of the pieces are included to ensure messages are conveyed clearly, and that the markings meet specific requirements set by OSHA and other workplace oversight committees. Text and graphics are printed on the heavy-duty adhesive-backed floor marking tape to offer detailed instructions that meet OSHA and required color standards—so your visual cues communicate the necessary information at a glance. Common messaging includes “keep clear” or “do not block” notices, as well as cues with bold, easy-to-read text to label first aid or emergency stations, fire equipment, or other important locations.

Clear Visuals Encourage OSHA Compliance

Blocked electrical panels, obstructed fire extinguishers, and hidden exits may result in OSHA fines. Prevent these obstructions with visual cues. Floor markings can provide clear reminders to prevent clutter and keep exits and safety equipment easily accessible, which can help prevent hefty fines for non-compliance. With notices about which areas must remain clear, it makes preventing these hazards second nature. Similarly, when an employee spots a marked area and notes obstructions, it provides a cue for them to take action—improving overall staff autonomy.

Simple Options Improve Organization

Our pre-cut kits include more than full-size applications alone. Mark pallet spaces with T- and L-shaped corner markers, use dashes, dots, arrows, and X-shaped floor markers to indicate traffic flow and requirements, and include pre-printed, pre-cut messages where extra information is helpful or required. Because every location is different, flexible floor marking options allow you to create the cues necessary to improve safety through visual communication. Freezer-rated tape allows you to create the same organizational markings in areas that see below-freezing temperatures and inclement weather, such as walk-in coolers, loading docks, or garage entrypoints.

Custom Kits Provide Location-Specific Messaging

Facility notices aren’t one-size-fits-all: If there is a need specific to your location, or even to one department within your facility, you can create custom messages for these spaces. Choose from three-piece border tape kits in a variety of pre-determined text, graphics, and color combinations, then pair the border with a custom or in-stock floor sign to provide additional context. Or, work with our floor marking specialists to create a custom 5S Safety School Kit to improve training methods through safety reminders installed at strategic places. 

Choose pre-cut floor marking kits and printed floor tape—in either in-stock or custom options—to create visual cues well-suited to your location’s needs. For floor marking tips and information about how to create a visual communication plan in warehouses, production facilities, and public areas, explore our Resource Center.