If you’re looking for a plan to get your facility better organized for 2018, using visual cues like floor tape is a necessary first step. Floor marking products provide employees with easy to understand prompts that increase safety and productivity.

As advocates of visual organization and visual cues, our goal is to educate as many people as possible to the advantages work facilities can achieve when they use floor marking tape to visually organize their workplace. As our business has grown over the years, we are proud our Superior Mark™ Floor Tape remains our top selling product as clients around the world agree it’s the best industrial floor marking tape you can find.

For many years, the go-to solution for organizing plant floors was painting lines. However, it’s very time-consuming to paint lines. The time it takes to chemically or physically remove old painted lines, prep floors, paint, and let paint/floor dry for days is just not an efficient option for businesses that can’t afford to close down a work space for multiple days.

Our company was built on the idea that there is a better solution than painting to mark floors. Floor marking tape is the better answer, but not all floor marking tapes are equal. Our Superior Mark™ Floor Tape is the best industrial strength floor marking tape you’ll find on the market. We know this because we researched our product; we designed it; we patented the design; we produce it in-house at our North Carolina manufacturing facility; and we test it and are constantly looking to improve it.

Our Superior Mark™ premium tape has beveled edges and a recessed adhesive which makes it more durable against heavy foot and equipment traffic. Do you use forklifts to move heavy pallets? You NEED the most durable floor tape on the market. At 32 mls, it’s thicker and stronger than competing tapes and is constructed to offer a higher level of durability than competing tapes. For more information on Superior Mark ™ floor tape and other floor marking tapes we offer, check out our Resource Center for articles, how-to guides and more.

In addition to rolls of high quality floor tape, we use the same materials to construct heavy duty adhesive safety signs, made out of Superior Mark™ tape. These signs serve as visual cues and important safety markers that increase productivity and help promote safety protocols.

Not convinced our Superior Mark™ Floor Tape is the best tape you’ll find? Call us and we’ll send you a sample box. Or, even better, call us to see if your business qualifies for one of our Test Site projects. We’ll set up a test area, help you apply the tape and leave you with instructions on how to document how it’s holding up versus other tape or painted lines in your facility. This is the best way we’ve found to show you exactly how Superior Mark™ Floor Tape is superlative to other floor marking options.

Since we’re big believers in visual learning, check out our video below, that explains how Superior Mark™ Floor Tape is different (and better) than other floor tapes.

Stop-Painting provides organizational and safety solutions for businesses looking to increase their productivity and efficiency. Our extensive lineup of products includes our flagship Superior Mark™ Floor Tape and Carpet Tape, repeating message floor tape, pre-cut kits, safety signs and custom adhesive signs.

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