OSHA requires that all facilities have exits that are clearly marked and unobstructed at all times. To keep employees reminded about where exits are and to keep them clear of obstacles, many warehouses and facilities mark the floors in front of the exit doors.

One of our top-selling products is our Superior Mark® exit marking kit. Our kit is easily applied and is a fast and efficient way to add a visual cue to make sure employees know where a safe exit is, as well as to keep it clear.

Our Exit-Marking Kit is made with our flagship Superior Mark® tape. We’ve designed and patented this floor tape using a much thicker tape (32 mls vs the usual 8 mls) and beveled edges that allow for more durability by helping heavy equipment slide up and over the tape, rather than slide under the tape and pull it up.

To show the cost-effectiveness of using employee time to paint an exit compared to laying out the exit with Superior Mark Tape, we went through the process for both. The total time it took to apply our Exit Marking Kit was about 10 minutes. The total time it took to paint the exit marks was two hours and then it took six hours to dry for a total of eight hours. The exit door had to be completely shut down during the time it took to apply the tape and for the painting and drying process for the paint.

Approximately nine weeks after the exits were marked, the condition of the markings was assessed to compare durability. The Superior Mark® Exit Marking Kit still looked almost brand new (left image). The dirt resistant tape retained its luster and sheen, remaining undamaged. The painted exit marking (right image) looked duller than it did right after painting and there were visible scuffs and stains.

exit marking kit exit marking kit

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