Floor markings and other visual cues play critical roles in the safety and organization of production areas and offices of industrial facilities. An orderly work environment that uses visual communication methods is a more efficient and safer place to work. When tools and supplies are organized, walkways are marked, and safety standards are communicated, facilities can better avoid non-compliance fines and costly accidents or on-the-job injuries. Learn why visual cues are essential tools for strengthening safety, productivity, organization, and communication in industrial workplaces, and see how our Essentials Catalog products can jump-start facility improvements.

The Importance of Visual Cues

Safety signs, informational markings, and operational cues reinforce strategies to streamline workflows and prevent accidents in industrial environments. Production managers can implement 5S, Total Productive Maintenance, or another organizational method to support processes, but without visual cues, steps can be missed and safety training is forgotten. Instead of relying on memorization alone, supervisors can incorporate signs and floor tape on the manufacturing floor, loading docks, and administrative areas to communicate reminders and support systems.

Hazard Reminders Increase Safety

Marking pinch points on machinery and displaying caution floor signs to point out potential hazards are two examples of manufacturing area products that improve safety in industrial environments; these and other visual cues alert staff of risks during daily operations and non-routine tasks. Wayfinding is also improved with visuals that note where lockout points, exits, or fire extinguishers are located. Facility owners can incorporate area-specific floor signs and tape announcing where personal protective equipment is needed or where restricted access begins.  

Process Cues Improve Efficiency

Time-consuming searches for tools or supplies and unclear workflows are detriments to efficiencies. Business owners can use warehouse area products, like floor arrows and dots, to show process order and assembly steps. Using consistent visuals with uniform symbols and colors throughout production areas and picking and packing stations makes understanding workflow easier for long-time employees and new hires alike. Managers can separate task areas with floor tape lines to ensure everyone has sufficient room to work.

Facility Signage Promotes Organization

Facility signage helps maintain a clutter-free, organized environment, especially after implementing new organizational methods such as 5S. Labeling where supplies are stored using highly visible floor signs makes it easy for items to be returned after use. Consider a tagging system to categorize tools and communicate equipment statuses so items are removed when in need of repair or disposal. Floor signs with friendly housekeeping guidelines and checklists set expectations, relay best practices to retain order, and encourage employees to take ownership of their work areas.

Strengthen Brand Identity in Public Areas

Improve navigation and accessibility in public-facing areas with visual cues for offices. Aesthetically pleasing, informative signage is ideal for wayfinding in municipal buildings or factory offices. We offer custom, branded signage to feature in the company’s reception area or to display in the lobby of a shared office park for wayfinding. By incorporating logos as design elements throughout the facility, you can strengthen brand identity and morale, and project a positive, professional image.

Facility Essentials Catalog

Meeting business objectives for safety and productivity takes investments in time, training, and visual cues. Our Essentials Catalog offers a selection of clear, concise floor sign reminders to reinforce policies, safety procedures, and production workflows. While these signs and tape shouldn’t replace job training, the markings can support new hire onboarding and improve understanding across language barriers to strengthen accountability and safety. 

We understand that industrial facility managers are busy—that’s why we created the Essentials Catalog: This one-stop shop offers a selection of visual cues for factories, offices, and distribution centers that meet safety standards and facility-specific needs. The floor signs, tape, and markings are suitable for administrative locations, production areas, distribution docks, and visitor reception. Some of the effective location-specific visual cues we offer are:

  • Office-Area Products including ADA-compliant room identification signs and wall plates, carpet marking tape, and safety signs 
  • Warehouse Products, such as floor markers for traffic control and arrows for direction, warehouse identification signs, and floor marking tape to outline aisles and pathways 
  • Manufacturing Products for labeling and tagging equipment, hazard signs, safety labels for machines, and chemical container labels
  • Products for Loading/Unloading Zones include custom-printed equipment ID signs, floor signs for courier lanes, and anti-slip floor marking tape
  • Parking Lot Products, like striping tape, road stencils, speed bumps, wheel stops, and supplies to label and communicate parking permissions

Facility Markings for Safety Compliance 

Every public business needs to adhere to safety standards for their industry or facility type. You’ll find solutions in our Essentials Catalog to meet ADA compliance, OSHA walking-working surfaces, forklift safety, or emergency response requirements. Visual cues are essential to avoid non-compliance fines from safety agencies. Our floor signs, tape, and pavement markings offer many options for highlighting emergency exits, fire lanes, and safety equipment, and our floor marking kits provide highly visible reminders for employees to keep critical locations unblocked and accessible. We offer a variety of permanent and temporary floor markings to suit any facility.

Custom Signs and Tape Solutions for Industrial Facilities

While the Essentials Catalog offers plenty of signage styles to get started, we understand that industrial warehouses and factories may need facility-specific signage to facilitate wayfinding or operations. Our customization options allow managers to create personalized floor signs, machine labels, and tape with any message or logo. For facilities with public-facing reception areas or storefronts, we offer many solutions, from banners to stairway decals, to create professionally branded storefronts to communicate the company’s mission.

Contact our team to find out more about the customization options we offer, or use the custom sign design tool to create personalized safety signs and tape to complement other Essentials Catalog products.

Effective visual communication in the workplace sets expectations and reinforces on-the-job training to keep employees and visitors safe. If you don’t know where to start making improvements, begin with the products in our Essentials Catalog. These visual cues are designed to enhance the safety, efficiency, and organization in industrial environments. Download the Facility Essentials Catalog and find tips for improving industrial safety in our Resource Center.