staunchionWe are excited about the addition of our new stanchions to our line of safety solution products. These stanchions are avaliable in light, medium, and heavy duty options. The light and heavy duty stanchions reach 41 inches in height, while the medium option in 40 inches high. We also carry plastic safety chains to be used in conjunction with each stanchion. The plastic safety chains come as 2 inch chains and are available in 50 feet or 100 feet lengths.

Our stanchions and chains can be purchased individually or in kits. The light and medium duty kits include 6 stanchions and 50 feet of chain. The heavy duty kits include 4 stanchions and 30 feet of chain.

Each stanchion comes with a ball top and a large base and come in a variety of colors. Bases can be attached to the floor if desired, or they can be stabilized by adding sand or gravel to the base. Each stanchion comes equipped with C-Hooks on each side to allow you to hang chains with ease.

The entire line of stanchions and chains are made of high density polyethylene that contains UV inhibitors and are made right here in the USA. By being made of polyethylene the stanchions are rustproof and eco-friendly by being completely recyclable. Furthermore, the UV inhibitors allow the stanchions to be fade resistant so they will never need to be touched up or painted.

“Stanchions are such versatile products the applications for them are endless, “says Cliff Lowe, the Managing Director for InSite Solutions.

stanchions connected by chainOne main purpose for stanchions is to act as crowd control barriers and give direction. Stanchions can be used to block specific areas off so people cannot enter. They can also be used to direct pathways for crowds in areas such as schools, malls, parking lots, theaters, hotels, sporting events, camps, and various other places.

Our stanchions can also be used in manufacturing facilities as well. They are available in white, yellow, black, red, blue, orange, and green so this allows you to use them to comply with OSHA Regulation 1910.144. This regulation requires areas with flammable liquids or areas with potentially hazardous machinery to be marked with the color red. Whereas areas with physical hazards of stumbling, falling, and tripping must be marked with the color yellow. Using our stanchions in your work place will keep you compliant with OSHA regulations and help you establish a generally safe work environment.

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