Cecil College in North East, Md., recently ordered our Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape Footprints to help direct traffic in their library.

Cecil College Instructional Librarian Melissa D’Agostino contacted us to tell us the carpet tape backed footprints were working great in their library, helping to direct students and staff to a temporary location for part of their book collection, while the library undergoes some renovations.

“Formerly we had all of the books shelved continuously on the blue shelving, but we are partway through a massive weeding of the collection,” said D’Agostino.

carpet markers in library

Cecil College Student Library has recently renovated their space. They removed some shelving to make space for more student study areas.

“Over the summer we were able to remove the last three shelves to open up more study space for students to use, but haven’t freed up enough space yet to get all of the books on the remaining blue shelving. Thus we had to put the last row of books against the far wall. We needed a temporary and unobtrusive solution to guide patrons from the last blue shelf over to the far wall where the collection currently continues and we found your carpet footprints to be the perfect solution!”

D’Agostino said it took no more than ten minutes to install the Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape Footprints. “The Velcro bottom made it easy to pull them up and re-place them, to get them looking perfect. We love the temporary nature as eventually we will get those books back to the main bookshelves and no longer need the footprints,” she added.

As advocates for visual cues, Stop-Painting.com began as a business offering solutions to those that needed signs and floor markings to increase productivity and safety. As our name suggests, our company proposes to “stop painting” and use our adhesive products for easier maintenance, a quicker application time and overall cost savings. Superior Mark™ Floor Tape and Carpet Tape offers an easy flexibility for jobs where the visual cues are temporary or prone to changing according to new work flow requirements.

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