Safety Best Practices for Warehouse Managers

The importance of warehouse safety goes beyond legal implications: A safe working environment contributes to improved productivity, increased employee morale, and better teamwork. Warehouse managers are responsible for setting an example and ensuring the safety of... Continue reading →

How 5S Can Improve a Hazard Communication Strategy

Clear, concise visuals that support 5S and Lean also help streamline hazard communication in industrial environments. The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, also known as HAZCOM, is designed to improve chemical safety in the workplace. The written program for this... Continue reading →

Upgrading Floor Markings for Improved Visibility

Improve the visibility of important messaging when you upgrade floor markings in your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or other industrial space. Visual cues are a key component of 5S strategies for productivity and organization. Floor markings and signs can be... Continue reading →

Lean Versus Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Total productive maintenance (TPM) is best described as a Lean program that focuses on improving manufacturing through equipment, employees, and processes. During this approach, employees and machine operators strive to uphold and maintain machines and systems to... Continue reading →

A Guide to Warehouse Floor Striping

Floor striping creates visual separation in work areas, travel zones, and between employees and hazards to improve warehouse safety and efficiency. While these visual cues take direction from OSHA floor striping standards, warehouse managers and business owners can... Continue reading →