Floor marking tape is a key tool for visual communication, 5S organization methods, and productive workspaces, but what kind of tape is safe for use on carpets? How do you remove floor tape from carpets without costly, time-consuming damage? Most tape doesn’t adhere well to carpets. Some types, like painter’s or duct tape does stick, but it’s never for long. Tape removal comes with additional challenges: The adhesives work into the carpet fibers, leaving behind a gummy, hard to remove residue that takes hours to clean—often leaving stains or even requiring carpet replacement. We have the solution for a safe and effective tape for marking carpets: Our Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape is a hook-and-loop-backed floor tape for carpeted areas in schools, office buildings, call centers, government offices, municipal facilities, and more.

Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape Sticks Securely

While tape adhesive can’t get a grip on textured carpets, Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape is specifically designed for long-lasting hold. It won’t stretch or tear—it’s made from industrial-grade PVC and adheres with hook and loop backing, so it’s thicker and more durable than adhesive carpet tapes. The patented beveled edge hugs the carpet, so the markings hold up against regular vacuuming, rolling desk chairs, daily foot traffic, and delivery push-carts, and its low profile reduces trip hazards as well.

Carpet Tape Tip: While Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape sticks to a variety of carpet surfaces, it is not recommended for shag-style carpets.

Hook and Loop Backing Removes Without Damage

To remove or update floor markings, Superior Mark™ carpet tape simply peels away without leaving behind adhesive or damaging flooring. Adhesive-backed tapes leave behind residue that can take hours to scrub away then re-tape, but hook and loop tape leaves no residue behind so new lines can be laid right away.

 The easy application and removal process makes it a perfect solution for temporary floor markings in multi-use spaces like community buildings, schools, and hotel conference centers.

superior mark vs. competitor

Durable Enough to Store and Re-Use

Save time and stretch budgets: Superior Mark™ Carpet Tape is durable enough to stick and re-stick—so you can adjust layouts without waste or purchasing replacement tape. Re-use strips right away, or roll and store until needed again. Carpet tape is a convenient, easy-to-install option for temporary layouts during busy seasons or events and can be used to designate changing paths of travel or workstation boundaries in flexible workspaces.

Set-Up Tip: Use dots and corner or X markers for staging purposes for trade shows—put markers down, set up the trade show floor, then remove the markers during break-down so you can use them again next time.

Custom-Printed Solutions Meet Individual Needs

Available in a wide range of colors, multiple widths, and a variety of shapes including footprints, arrows, X, T, or corner markers, you’ll find solutions for the majority of carpeted areas. If the standard options don’t suit your needs, we can work with you to create custom carpet tape designs with text, logos, and graphics to meet specific requirements.

Hook and Loop Carpet Tape is a durable option for industrial office buildings, warehouses, schools, community centers, and more. Contact a floor marking specialist at 1-866-284-1541 to find the ideal carpet tape solutions for your facility.