Every facility has different needs, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for floor tape—but when it comes to our line-up, Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape is the best, most durable option for industrial use. Our patented design sets the standard for heavy-duty, industrial-strength floor marking tape. Warehouses, manufacturing floors, and other facilities prefer Superior Mark™ because it installs quickly and easily, is easy to maintain, and holds up under heavy traffic and against cleaning machines and chemicals.

While Superior Mark™ is the most durable, you may find that one of our other lines is better suited to your needs. Other options include durable Last Mark, a budget-friendly vinyl tape, pre-cut kits, and reusable hook and loop-backed tape designed for use on carpet. Compare our options and narrow down your decision based on your warehouse, workflow, and budget.

How Do You Select the Best Industrial Floor Marking Tape?

Choosing the best floor marking tape for your location comes down to a few factors. Consider these questions to help choose the best tape product.

On what surface are you applying floor marking tape? 

Superior Mark®, Last Mark, and vinyl floor marking tapes apply best to smooth surfaces like concrete but aren’t ideal for gravel, pavement, or loose dirt application. To determine which tape to choose for your intended surface application, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Superior Mark® Floor Marking Tape is our most durable option. Pressure-sensitive recessed adhesive ensures a long-lasting adhesion on properly prepped surfaces.
  • For application on non-traveled floors and surfaces including walls, equipment, handrails, or posts, our cheap vinyl floor tape is a durable option available in a range of colors and widths to match your organization system.
  • Hook and loop marking tape is designed for use on carpeted floors, so you can organize office spaces and more with the same durable product designed for easy application and a tough hold.

How heavy is the foot or forklift traffic in that area?

  • Superior Mark® Floor Tape adheres securely and features beveled edges to direct traffic up-and-over, rather than scraping the tape away.
  • For an economical option in low-traffic or non-warehouse areas, Last Mark tape applies quickly and securely, stands up to foot traffic, and removes easily without leaving residue behind.
  • Vinyl tape is ideal for areas without foot or vehicle traffic: Mark edges, barriers, handrails, and more with this low-cost floor tape option.

What OSHA or ANSI guidelines apply?

Marking egress, exit, first aid or eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, and other safety concerns may fall under OSHA or ANSI guidelines, so color, width, visibility, and other details may be required to follow specific regulations.

  • Choose the color or pattern designated for the specific message, whether it’s caution, danger, or exit.
  • Anti-slip options help prevent falls at emergency exits where water may gather.
  • Glow-in-the-dark tape ensures paths are easy to see and follow, even in the event of a power outage.
  • Text and graphics may be used to provide additional instruction or convey relevant information.

Are you marking emergency exits or egress?

Emergency exits, evacuation routes, and egress have specific requirements regarding color, placement, visibility, and clearance. Choose the tape options that meet regulations and facility-wide protocol.

  • Pre-cut floor marking kits can be used to mark egress, exits, traveled lanes, and borders.
  • One color or pattern should be reserved for emergency exit only—and not be used otherwise throughout the facility.
  • Custom-printed floor tape and signs can provide additional directional information through visual cues and text.

Does your workflow or layout change often?

Our floor tape holds tight—no slipping, bunching, or scraping-up—but removes easily and in one piece to meet changing needs. No time-consuming residue or tape debris to clean up. Just clean removal in one piece, so you can prep the floor and re-apply as necessary. When you apply new tape, the process is just as simple: Peel-and-stick floor tape makes for a quick and easy job, no dry time required, so you’re back up and running in no time.

When it comes to Lean and 5S supplies, durable Superior Mark® Floor Tape is a heavy-duty solution that allows you to change floor markings and workflow quickly, with minimal downtime and zero dry time.

yellow floor tape around warehouse objects

Do you need lines, or are directional cues and visual reminders better suited for the job?

If the space doesn’t require taped lines, explore floor shapes, corners, signs, and pre-cut kits to save time and stretch the budget. Pallet markers, arrows, footprints, and custom floor signs are easy to apply where necessary without measuring, cutting, and trimming. These may be the best options to convey important messages where lines aren’t necessary.

Does the temperature get below freezing?

Below-freezing spaces require tape designed for the job: Superior Mark® Freezer Tape includes a special adhesive formulated for use in extreme cold.

How to Choose Floor Marking Tape

When it comes to the best tape for your facility, compare the options above to determine the type of tape that will work for your facility, then put the tape to the test in your warehouse.

Top Floor Marking Tape Options for Industrial Use

Our heavy-duty floor marking tape selection includes options for warehouses, office buildings, schools, and other facilities. For the most effective floor markings, stick with consistent color-coding, train employees to recognize the system, and use custom-printed messages to supplement visual cues. Use the following for a quick breakdown of the  benefits and drawbacks of each floor tape material and choose the best option for your building.

Floor marking tape comparison chart

Need help deciding on the best floor marking tape for your facility? Contact a floor marking specialist for expert help at 1-866-284-1541 or see more in our Resource Center.