Start the new school year off on the right foot: Our Superior Mark™ floor marking tape and carpet tape help keep your classroom organized and streamlined, saving you time and giving your students the visual cues they need for success. Painter’s tape, duct tape, and other quick, cheap solutions aren’t durable enough to stand up to play, curious fingers picking at the edges, the scuffs of shoes, and the scrapes of desks and chairs. Re-arranging the classroom means furniture may scrape up the tape. Removing duct tape leaves a gummy mess behind. This adds time to classroom set-up, regular repairs, and end-of-year clean-up.

Our Superior Mark™ floor tape and hook & loop carpet tape offer long-lasting, durable application—and they remove without leaving behind sticky residue, so there’s no damage to floors. Even better, our patented, self-adhesive floor tape is designed for easy peel-and-stick application, with minimal prep and no dry time required. Here are some ideas for how to use floor marking tape throughout the school building, including in the hallways, cafeteria, classrooms, and for extracurricular use.

Floor Marking Tape for Classroom Organization

Amp up your color-coding system: Designate play areas with colored floor marking tape. Create a system that works for your classroom. Favorite options include green for free play, yellow for designated project areas, red for off-limits areas like the teacher’s desk or supply cabinets.

Another possibility is to assign spaces by associating colors with the time of day, blue-taped areas are open for use in the morning and orange-taped spaces are available in the afternoons. Visual cues help students remember the plan.

Color-coding also helps organize group project time. Tape colored borders around sections of the classroom and create groups by pairing names with colors daily or weekly—this way, students know which section they’re assigned to at a glance.

If social distancing requirements mean classroom to classroom movement is limited, create gym spaces on your floor: Use floor tape to set up goals, lines for tag, hopscotch, four square—it will stay in place while you’re at play, and withstands scrapes and damage from dragged desks, chairs, and foot traffic.

Hands-On Education Ideas Using Floor Tape

Create learning opportunities and hands-on projects to go along with your lesson plans. Floor marking tape stands up to a school year’s worth of fun and learning—but removes easily when modules change.

Re-use the same visuals all year, or start a new unit using fresh visual cues. Set up a new lesson after school lets out and it’s ready to go when morning rolls around, minimal prep required. Floor tape is an ideal solution for interactive learning and practice—try some of these favorite layouts:

  • Interactive number line: Create a number line on the floor for students to use during math lessons. This visual helps students grasp addition or subtraction concepts using a kid-sized line for problem-solving.
  • ABC line: Kids love this whole-body method for practicing their ABCs, learning letter sounds, playing first letter or spelling games, or uppercase and lowercase matching. One alphabet line can be repurposed throughout the year as students learn and grow: Start with letter recognition and move on to sounds and first letters as they advance.
  • Create giant game boards: Full-floor scrabble, tic-tac-toe, or checkers bring big fun to the classroom. Make giant gameboards using tape, it’ll stand up to desks sliding around, so when it’s time for fun and games just rearrange and play. A classic snakes and ladders style game board gives pre-k and kindergarten classes a chance to practice logic, cooperation, and gross motor skills.
  • Bring visuals to lessons:  These solutions serve dual purposes as both themed decoration and tools for hands-on learning.
  • Use floor tape to craft a timeline of all the historic events you’ll cover through the year.
  • Create size comparisons between objects such as jungle animals or dinosaurs and everyday objects.
  • Tape out common angles or shapes for visuals to accompany geometry lessons, circles for fractions practice, or rulers for measuring anything from a pencil to a person.
  • Provide opportunities for pretend play with taped roadways, mountains, and more—it’ll stand up to feet, toy cars, and cleaning.

Organization Tips for Arts Education

Use floor tape to organize music and band spaces, theater department, or arts education areas. Give tools and supplies a place, help students know where to go, and make the most of your space with durable floor tape.

  • Mark lines for music or band practice: Use colored lines to designate where students should sit or stand whether by soprano, alto, and tenor, instrument-specific, by height, or by teacher. Then mirror the color scheme and tape layout on the stage for recital night for easy staging and transitions between performances.
  • Life-size visuals for music lessons: Create a giant staff on the floor using lines of tape to teach students musical concepts like notes, lines, and spaces. Play staff floor games to make music lessons even more interactive.
  • Organize the art room: Color-coded spaces let students know which tools they can use, and which they need permission to access. Or, use tape to mark borders around work areas—spaces where paint, glue, glitter, and clay should remain—and the drying area or finished project storage area.
  • Give the theater department a longer-lasting solution: Use the pro’s favorite tape for theater rehearsals, and performances: Gaffer tape is designed to provide safety messages, placement cues for props, set pieces, and actors, and keep things moving smoothly in the wings.

Improve Traffic Flow with Visual Cues

Inside and out, traffic flow is important. From the first day of school to graduation day, letting students and visitors know where they’re going and how to get there helps create a comfortable learning environment. Signage is a helpful tool, but floor marking tape is an additional opportunity to keep students, teachers, and staff moving along.

  • Color-coded lines or graphics provide directions to specific areas: footprints to the main office, a dashed-line and bouncing ball repeat print to lead to the playground, custom-printed arrows with the school mascot to point toward the gym.
  • Remind visitors of check-in requirements with custom floor marking tape that directs traffic. Our Superior Mark™ tape applies easily and stands up to the wear and tear at main entrances—boots, shoes, dirt, rain, or snow are no match for our industrial floor tape.
  • Make line-up a snap at arrival or when getting ready to leave the classroom. A single strip of tape can designate the waiting area for morning drop-off, the start of the line in classrooms, or the cafeteria line. Make classroom line-up more fun with numbered dots that look like a hungry caterpillar, a line of stars, or floor signs for with cheerful graphics. To designate a specific order, use classroom job titles—line leader, lights, door holder—or letters for grouping alphabetically to help streamline the line-up process.

Solutions for Carpeted Areas

Tape and carpet aren’t the most reliable combination—that’s why we have a grippy, durable solution: Our hook and loop fastener-backed Superior Mark® Carpet Tape goes where adhesive can’t. Carpeted classrooms, libraries, and other learning spaces need organization, too, but the gunky tape residue from duct tape and painter’s tape makes extra work for the custodial crew—sometimes even requiring carpet replacement.

Apply, remove, and re-use: Our carpet tape sticks again and again with no damage or residue. Carpeted spaces are perfect for the long-lasting durability of our Superior Mark® carpet tape.

  • Use carpet tape to create seating arrangements, either lines, squares, or small strips of tape to designate where students should sit.
  • Divide rooms to create small group spaces.
  • Create an indoor tennis court, soccer field, putting green, or tag arena for rainy, cold, or sweltering days when indoor play is a must.
  • We can print custom messages and graphics for visual organization, seating, or play—whatever you envision for your classroom, we can help make it a reality.

Health and Safety Cues Using Floor Marking Tape

Returning to school means learning new routines, traffic patterns, building layouts, and more. Floor marking tape offers clear visual cues for new students and staff, and people who may need a refresher after being away for the summer. Display easy to understand messages using a combination of tape, signage, and floor markers.

  • Mark desk locations with squares created with floor tape, or use pallet corner markers to show where chairs and desks should remain to comply with social distancing, where they should return to after small group projects, and to ensure enough distance for walkways between
  • Designate waiting areas for social distancing policies like temperature checks, limited capacity areas, and school visitor check-in.
  • Promote healthy hygiene habits with easy-to-spot markers for handwashing or hand sanitizer stations so kids can see where to clean up at a glance. Our floor marking tape can stand up to splashes and daily wear and tear.
  • Mark safety equipment and spaces so it’s easy to find when needed. Use pre-cut kits or custom-printed messages to highlight fire extinguishers, fire drill exits, the nurse’s office, or spill clean-up stations.

There’s more to safety than the indoors. We also carry pavement markings, perfect for designating student drop-off or pick-up locations or organizing traffic flow. If your school has a high school drivers’ education course, create a course in a large parking lot for practice parking, turning, reversing, and more—you’ll save the instructor’s time as they won’t have to place and pick up cones for each class.

Organize your hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, and learning spaces with these custodian-approved solutions: No tough clean-up, this tape removes easily with no residue. Peel and stick application and no dry time means you’re ready for the school year in no time, and this tape is designed for industrial use, so it’ll stand up to use season after season.