Floor marking tape makes visual organization easy, but adhesives aren’t the best match for carpeted areas. Foot traffic, vacuum cleaners, and re-arranging furniture can strip the tape from the floor shortly after application. Not only do you need to re-apply the taped lines (making more work for the team), it also leaves behind a tacky adhesive residue—which creates more work for custodial staff. The left-behind gunk may even require a full carpet replacement, an unexpected cost that eats away at budgets and time.

Carpet Tape is the Answer

There’s a better way to designate traffic flow, label organizational systems, and offer visual signals—even on carpeted floors: Hook and loop fastener-backed Superior Mark® Carpet Tape and Floor Markers. This product comes in a range of options to meet needs for any carpeted office, classroom, or facility. Choose the tape that works for your space from our options, including:

  • Tape Rolls (2- and 4-Inch Widths)
  • Dots
  • Arrows
  • Footprints
  • L-Marker
  • X-Marker

In addition, we can create custom-printed floor signs, labels, and markers to suit your specific needs.

Here are three convincing reasons to use carpet tape in your school, office building, or other facilities with carpeted floors.

Carpet Tape is Flexible for Changing Layouts

Our floor tape for carpeted areas is designed to be removable and reusable, so you can create adjustable layouts that change as necessary. Duct tape and masking tape fall apart, leaving behind tiny pieces you’ll need to pluck up. Adhesive works into the carpet fibers over time, leaving behind discoloration and sticky goop. Our carpet-specific tape doesn’t include adhesive—instead, the hook and loop backing offers a simple, temporary solution that stays put when you want it, and removes or adjusts when it’s time for a change. Peel it up, swap the layout in moments, and get back to your day: No wait, no residue.

Schools, office buildings, community centers, churches, hotels, municipal buildings, libraries, and more, this rug tape is the perfect solution for easing foot traffic congestion, keeping order, labeling waiting areas, and providing directions and instructions. A few ideas for using our Superior Mark® Carpet Tape include:

  • Construct a temporary indoor tennis court for practice or a short-term event: It removes without hassle when your match is finished—roll it up and use it again the next time.
  • Designate walking paths through winding hallways using color-coded or custom-printed messages.
  • Add separation to an open-office floor plan.
  • Create a seating layout for library storytime so everyone has their own space.
  • Prevent little fingers from picking away at painter’s tape during circle time by using carpet tape instead.
  • Mark designated spaces so parishioners can return tables, chairs, and equipment to the appropriate place after a community gathering in the church.
  • Designate traffic flow or seminar locations during a trade show or event at a hotel or conference center: Swap the labels as sessions come and go, or leave the markings down for the full event—they’re durable enough to stand up to the traffic.
  • Make boundaries and stages easy to navigate at your cafe open mic night or community theater space by using directional cues and signals that stick to rugs.
  • If the queue for the service counter requires a check-in first, let visitors know ahead of time—before they wait in line.
  • Turn the classroom floor into a game board for indoor play: The tape will stick in place so you can go back to it again and again, without the time required for set-up or pick-up.

This carpet tape offers a quick, easy application process that withstands short- to longterm foot traffic and use. When you’re done, peel it up and set it aside for next time, or repurpose the pieces right away for a new layout.

Carpet Tape is More Durable Than Adhesive Tape

This carpet floor tape is created with durability and efficiency in mind: Easy to apply, easy to remove, but holds fast for long-term use even with daily foot traffic. There’s no need to use gummy duct tape or painter’s tape that will roll, wrinkle, peel, and flake. Crafted from PVC material with a thickness of 32 mils, this sticks—and stays stuck—longer than less durable, thin, adhesive carpet tapes.

Busy days, cleaning, moving furniture—it all puts a toll on regular adhesive tapes. But this hook and loop tape is designed for long-term durability: Our products stick easily to low-pile rugs or carpet, the rugged hook and loop backing provides a strong, no-adhesive hold, and the beveled edges reduce trip hazards and keep the vacuum or shuffling feet from pulling the tape up. Its smooth, glossy finish resists dirt and is easily cleaned. These are only some of the qualities that make our hook and loop tape and signs the best option for carpeted floors.

Carpet Tape Comes in A Range of Colors for Improved Visibility

Visual instructive cues boost efficiency and provide guidance for visitors and staff members. At-a-glance instructions let people know they’re heading the right direction or share important details about what is expected once they arrive. Torn duct tape or painter’s tape won’t be as visible, but our hook and loop carpet tape stands out in a variety of bold colors. Choose a color that offers plenty of contrast against your carpet so the visual cues aren’t missed.

It’s about safety, too. A red line marked with ‘staff only’ can provide a visual boundary, keeping visitors out of restricted spaces—’red means stop’ is ingrained in us. Thanks to the brain’s ability to process visual signals so quickly, visual workplaces or buildings get the message across in a flash. Work within your pre-determined color-coding system, or choose options that are easily recognized no matter the location. Pair color, text, and graphics for a clear message.

Another way to improve visibility: Glow in the dark footprints ensure visitors and staff can find their way through a dark room. With lights on, these footprint-shaped floor markers tell visitors which way to go, keeping hallways moving by removing any question of direction. If the lights go out, they’ll still have a guide for making a safe exit, even if they are new to the building.

With plenty of options available, from lengths of tape to shapes to signs, this hook and loop-backed tape will save time, money, and effort in any carpeted location. Stop re-applying adhesive-based tapes when you switch to a material intended for use on carpet. We can help you find the best option for your location—view the ideas and instructions in our Resource Center or contact us for assistance choosing the ideal, durable floor tape.