sds book floor marker

In 2012 the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration updated its Hazard Communication Standard for all general industries. This update will be required in all workplaces. This update included the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, known as GHS, which is applicable for all U.S. industry workers and work places. This new system will allow for international consistency within one system.

One main implication of this new GHS system is training. OSHA will require that all employees be trained in the new label elements by the end of this year. These new labels also have new Material Safety Data Sheets which have now been changed to Safety Data Sheets in the new GHS system. By having MSDS updated to SDS will inform OSHA inspectors that all employees have been trained in GHS. Furthermore, these SDS sheets must be visible at all times, updated, and available for all employees.

One of the best ways to mark the location of your SDS information is by using our custom printed Superior Mark floor marking kit for SDS areas. Our SDS kits come with Superior Mark floor tape which is quick and easy to install with its featured puzzle cut corners which creates a perimeter around the SDS area. This makes installation faster, as there is no need to cut or butt splice tape to create the box shaped marking. You can install it in just a few minutes with its quick peel and stick application. This perimeter ensures that your employees will never block the SDS area and they will always know where the SDS folders are, making compliance with OSHA regulations stress free.

Cliff Lowe, the Managing Director of InSite Solutions, explains that, “These SDS floor marking kits show OSHA inspectors that employees have been trained in the new GHS system and take it seriously.”

sds book do not block floor sign

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