Ever wonder what is the smartest way to mark the floor of an industrial facility?

Flip through our slides to get a detailed explanation as to why we think Superior Mark™ is the best way to mark industrial floors.

This presentation focuses on maintenance friendly ways to create visually instructive workplaces. The focus is on ‘maintenance friendly’, because usually industrial facilities are high traffic areas, and anything you mark on the floor is going to get hammered with forklift traffic. That’s why it is important to think long term, and plan how these floor markings will be maintained not if they are damaged, but when they are damaged.
Most people understand why it is important to mark floors. Aside from OSHA compliance, there are plenty of obvious benefits to having a well marked floor. They make the workplace safer, more organized, and more efficient. The ripple effect causes morale to improve, and productivity to rise.
We put together the slideshow to explain the disadvantages of the two most common methods used to mark floors: painting and taping with “cheap tape”.
floor paint removal

Removing a painted line from a concrete floor is difficult.

 Painting is a huge undertaking with long term disadvantages. Concrete, by it’s very nature, is problematic to paint. Painting floors requires long hours of shut down and aggressive surface prep that can damage floors. But most importantly, it does not last long. And when it comes time to remove or repaint, long hours of grinding, sanding, bead-blasting, or toxic chemicals will be involved. Or all of the above, and even then it may not all come off. Planning for how the paint will be maintained over the long term is often not a part of the conversation when the paint is applied.
The next option most commonly employed is using inexpensive tape to mark floors. Something similar to a 3M 471, this grade of tape can be obtained for about five bucks per roll.  We call it “cheap tape”. It stretches easily, and is easily torn. It is so thin that  fingernail can rip it. It does not have a liner, making it difficult to install.
If a fingernail can rip this tape, what will a 2,000 lb. pallet do?

“Cheap tape” is so thin that a finger nail can rip it.

Our company was built around the idea that there is a better solution for marking floors. Our flagship product, Superior Mark™ floor tape, is the perfect solution. With patented beveled edges, this heavy duty tape is made from dirt resistant pvc. Which means it is easy to clean, holds up to heavy traffic, and can be removed in one piece.

The other really cool thing about using Superior Mark™ is that you can customize it with any graphics or text. The graphics can be photo-realistic, which look amazing compared to painting one or two color stenciled graphics.


Pedestrian walkway made with printed Superior Mark™ floor tape.


Click this link to download a pdf of our Marking Floors To Increase Productivity & Safety presentation.