When it comes to the best methods for marking industrial floors, Superior Mark™ products prevail over traditional methods such as painting or cheap tape brands. Choosing the right floor marking method has implications beyond merely meeting OSHA requirements: Well-marked workplaces are safer, more organized, and more efficient, resulting in improved morale and increased productivity for employees. The best product for marking warehouse floors will be easy to install, stand up to heavy-duty use, and require minimal maintenance.

Disadvantages of Common Floor Marking Methods

Before we consider the benefits of Superior Mark floor tape and related products, let’s look at the disadvantages of the most common floor marking methods: painting and inexpensive tape. 

  • Painting Floors: Painting is a huge undertaking with long-term disadvantages. The process requires several hours of shut down and aggressive, sometimes damaging, surface prep. Floor paint doesn’t last long, and when it’s time to remove or repaint, long hours of grinding, sanding, bead-blasting, or toxic chemicals will be necessary. 
  • Vinyl Tape: Many companies use cheap vinyl tape to mark floors—and cheap options generally equate to reduced performance. Similar to 3M 471, our least expensive grade of tape can be obtained for about $5 per roll—but it is difficult to install and remove, and it may stretch and tear easily. When you consider that these inexpensive tape options can be ripped by as little as a fingernail, it’s easy to imagine the damage a 2,000-lb. pallet could do—and how much regular replacement will end up costing, even if it’s cheap to start. 

Why Superior Mark® Is the Preferred Floor Marking Product

Our company was built around the idea that there is a better solution for marking floors, which is why we developed our flagship product, Superior Mark floor tape. Here’s three reason to choose patented Superior Mark products over other floor marking methods: 

1. Superior Mark Tape Is Fast & Easy to Apply 

Once the floors have been cleaned, measured, and marked, applying Superior Mark tape is a simple three-step process: Just remove the backing, apply the tape, and tamp it down with sufficient pressure to activate the adhesive. Because there is no drying time required, the area can be immediately opened to foot and vehicle traffic. 

2. It’s a Durable & Low Maintenance Floor Marking Method

Maintenance is a key consideration when evaluating floor marking methods in high-traffic industrial facilities, where floor markings will face constant exposure to forklifts or other vehicles. You want to choose a floor marking method that’s not only durable but also easy to maintain. Heavy-duty Superior Mark tape is made from dirt-resistant PVC and features beveled edges, so it’s easy to clean, holds up to traffic, and is quick and simple to replace when damage does occur.

3. Superior Mark Products Are Versatile & Customizable

A primary benefit to Superior Mark is that it can be customized with any graphics or text. The graphics can be photo-realistic, which provide clearer details and context than to one- or two-color stenciled graphics. Superior Mark products include tape, floor markers, and floor signs, so there’s an option for nearly every need. And, because Superior Mark can be removed in one piece, it’s easy to update when replacements or adjustments are necessary. 

When evaluating options for marking industrial floors, look to Superior Mark products for minimal maintenance, easy application, and versatility. Available in tape, markings, and signs, Superior Mark  is the premium option for marking floors in public spaces. For more on floor marking and industrial safety in the workplace, explore our Resource Center.

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